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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Workers News

The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union learns with shock and dismay of the practice, being carried out by a growing number of employers in the Federation, of mandating workers to take the vaccine that protects against the COVID-19 virus against their will. The insistence is being back up by threats of termination, transfer or suspension.
“Freedom! Emancipation Day, wey you be?! Wey you be?!” remarked one female after her placard was taken away while she was seated alone on a bench.
By: BatumbaTak General Secretary, The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union In the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The Labour Movement was the Principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress. Out of its bold struggles,...

The Union And You

History has clearly shown that the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union has been and continue to be a very important part of the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Movement since the 1930s.
Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 16, 2022 (SKNIS): Prime Minister and Minister of National Security of St. Kitts and Nevis, Honourable Dr. Terrance Drew said that his Government will give attention to compensating the families of police officers who...
Government Chief Personnel Officer, Sheridane Warner is being cited as informing the public servants holding bachelor’s degrees that their expectations to be paid for their certification will not be automatically granted by the state as an employer.
The Court of Appeal in Britain recently overturned the convictions of 14 men sentenced for their involvement in pickets in 1972.
Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

By: Joseph Jones Workers (People) for next year by God’s grace promise to me that you are going to do it right as it relates to Occupational Safety and Health. Hear this: I am pleased too; to be able to...
The Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC) is submitting a Request for Information (RIF) that requires the drilling of five (5) wells in Phase 1 for an initial 10MWe.  This will be expanded to 30MWe with the drilling of four (4) additional wells in Phase 2.
By: Batumba Tak General Secretary The St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union Workers Recognize The Importance Of Trade Unions In Protecting Their Rights In the words of Pope John Paul 11, 1981, “Their (Unions) task is to defend the existential interests of workers...