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Social Commentary

Gospel According to Glasford

A tribute to Mr. Edwin Glasford

Teachers: Bearers of Light

In the Hub and Spoke of life, education is that centrifugal force that sends light and energy to all life forms that surround it. If the God particle of this universe were to be equated to any...

Teaching for Peace

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens and residents of our beloved Federation. Let us for a moment consider the state of youth in our nation. The 2020/2021 school year has begun, and while much has changed, not the least...
If you want to consider and call this novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a common cold in regard respiratory tract infection, you better get serious and be educated.
Workers (People), sometimes when I read to sharpen my mind in the way I do think, I do get taken up with troubles, worries, and fears.
Workers (People), has your heart ever been broken? Let me ask you: What you broke it? Was it cruelty, unfaithfulness, loss? Perhaps you have crept into the darkness to cry. Hello! It’s good to cry because “Tears are the only for weeping.”
Workers (People), the pleasure will always be mine in keeping with my promise to write every week on this topic and you the workers to understand and appreciate its meaning.
Workers (People), we are living are living in critical times that are hard to deal with, and it is said the life is going to become difficult before a new day dawns and true peace is stored to this earth and the workplaces and as these critical times worsen, we all need to keep on the watch and stand firm especially when you have to make a decision about education, employment, health and safety and many other matters.
Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), it seems that some of us are beginning to forget how to read and write the characters, the comprise (to be made up) and the beautiful calligraphy (hand writing) of traditional language.
Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Workers (People), what’s the good news today? I ask that question sometimes of people I know. If the person is a good person friend of mine, he or she might smilingly reply “The same as it was yesterday.”