Editorial-Friday 28th July 2023

There is an old local well-known proverb ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop’ or as locally put ‘De devil find wuk for idle hands’ which basically sums up that if you are not involved in doing good and positive you just might be attracted to doing the opposite of goodness. Other versions say mischief will find some who is bored or unoccupied as well as who does not have anything to do will participate in something that would get him or her into trouble.

Another saying has similar sentiments about an idle brain.

Now there was a video that was recently circulated as police were trying to track down three juveniles who were being sought after for alleged malicious damage. Well, certainly after being caught those three have gotten a lesson along the lines of another popular teachable lesson that ‘Night run until day catch it or even  better yet suited ‘What happens in the dark must come out to light.’

Now, this is summer time and although there are many of youths who will be engaged in participating in workshops and other session which add to civic-mindedness, self-discipline, respect for others, team work along with other positive character development, there are still many others who unfortunately will have plenty free time this time around without any structure of guidance from adults or other guardians.

There are some, of course, who are quite well-behaved and will find productive activities. But the concern is over those who might bend to bad peer and as a result will stray away from the straight and narrow path.

Now back to those three young man whom police say are responsible for multiple incidences of Malicious Damage to passing vehicles on the F. T. Williams Highway on St. Kitts.

The young men have put themselves in a position which saw them being apprehended by the police and then interviewed in the presence of their guardians. And after being interviewed, each was released into the custody of his guardian.

And now what is next for them is that their cases will be heard at a later date by the Child Justice Board. So they are on standby until then.

Now what could have been a carefree and fun summer for them have turned into a life lesson that are sure never to forget, and all because of idle hands.

It is hoped that these young have learnt a lesson that would serve to shape their lives for the better.

Hopefully, other children and other young people would help to deter from the serious consequences of ‘idle hands’.