Locally, we often make reference to people being humbled when brought before the court despite whatever unruly public display of attitude or personality trait because ‘In dey no like out ya.’

This simply means that no one is above the law because justice is blind. Though some critics might argue that sometimes it appears that the scale of justice tips with biases in favour of some, the truth is that most of us have faith in the legal. And more truth be told, we are all whistleblowers in the justice system because many are not afraid to point out any flaws which could affect or appear to affect the public trust in the deliberation of any verdict passed down.

After all, there is quite a solid saying that ‘Justice must not be done but it should appear to be done.’ This sum up excellently the value and essence of the integrity of how a judicial system must always operate.

Police informed this week that former government minister and politician of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) Lindsay Grant was convicted on two charges-Battery of a police officer and assaulting a police officer. Automatically, persons would be divided on the topic in sharing their views.

Mr. Lindsay himself is a lawyer by profession so even that should be part of whatever discussions that take in the court of public conduct despite whichever side of the fence you stand. No doubt that some would say that he should have known better; others might applaud that update.

Another possible argument could be that Mr. Grant is only human and is therefore vulnerable to flaws as any of us would be.

This general topic is not meant to examine anybody’s morality and ethical values. However, it goes without saying that we should all strive to comply with the laws of our country and elsewhere because let us face it, laws help the guidance of a civil society and foster the good standing of civic-minded individuals.

Going back to the Lindsay Grant matter. There were many who were quite upset that such a high profile individual would have been accused of such and equally some questioned if anything would come out of the accused situation.

Now what is more is that in true social media style, there was cellphone video footage surrounding the allegation, and of course the court of public opinion had its evidence in analyzing and presenting their take on the matter.

Moving on to another aspect: It is quite easy for people to judge each other and sometimes-locally we use the well known adopted saying in presenting a view on a matter-that sometimes people become the ‘Judge, jury and executioner’ because they know what side to take accordingly. It must be noted that having integrity as human beings comes with being fair and honest regardless of whatever connections or biasness we might have towards a situation or person.

After all, right is right and wrong is wrong.