By: Precious Mills
BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Sunday 15th July 2018) – More than 300 men, yesterday  (Saturday), received their free check-up at the fifth annual prostate cancer screening organised by the Rotary Club of St.Kitts in collaboration with Island Medical Specialists conducted at the Masonic Lodge Building at Taylor’s Range in Basseterre.

This reporter took the opportunity to speak with a few of the attendees including two public officials namely Police Commissioner Ian Queeley and Director of Sports Anthony Wiltshire.

At that health event observed under the theme ‘Early Detection Saves Lives’, males between ages of 39 and 75 undergoing a digital rectal examination (DRE) of the prostate and also a blood test to check the prostate- specific antigen (PSA). Medical results are expected to be given in two to three weeks.

Here is what the interviewed men had say about the health screening exercise:

Ian Queeley
“I am basically endorsing this endeavor and I want to say to all the person out there that this is a good service that they are doing for the community and I would wish for all men who are over the age of 40 to adhere to the call and have their prostate screened. I think that it is an ideal opportunity for them to get it checked. The turnout signifies to me that the message is being received widely by the community. This is about the fourth year that I have been coming and every year I can see a marked increase in the number of persons who are turning up.”

Jad Walters
“I came out for this morning’s screening out of health concerns and I’m so glad that the word is getting out to everybody. This is a great service that the Rotary [Club] provides every year. I think it is great; more people ought to come out and participate. I do this every year. I talk to everybody that I know who is 40 [encouraging] that they should come out when it comes to be this time every year.”

Anthony Wiltshire
“Well, I’ve been hearing about this activity over the past years so I decided for the first time to come. I’ve been involved in the blood test- the psa; that’s what I’ve been doing but I think it is time at my age to get the other aspect done. With what is happening around us, it is essential that men would take better control of their health especially when we reach the 50 bar; that is the time when you can be impacted by various health issues and we know that the prostate cancer is really one of the big ones as far as men are concerned so I would appeal to all men out there, you can save your life and live longer by having this test done and being identified whatever aspect at an early stage , help is right here …and so it is something that men need not be afraid of. You know we have this phobia and then this thing about manhood that we’re not going to expose ourselves to anybody examining our rectum. Should it be foolish pride or should it be a matter that one wants to live longer? You have a family to look after therefore it is critical that you get tested and know your status so that if there is any negative [result] treatment can be done and your family would have less concern related to this situation.”

Dwight Molyneaux

“I am very thankful to the Rotary Club to have this programme so that people who don’t have any more could come and get tested. I think it is a good idea and I am encouraging young men and old to come and take the test. It’s better to have a finger in your butt than a foot in the grave. It’s to save your life and it’s for free so why not come?”