From the Desk of Dr. Terrance Drew, Internal Specialist

Recently, I had a health talk session on ZIZ courtesy the St. Kitts -Nevis Medical Dental Association on the topic of Hepatitis B.

HepB is a virus that attacks the liver.

The liver is a latte solid organ that is stigmatised in the abiding under the right rib cage .

You can get Hepatitis B through the following ways.

=》Sexual contact

=》Injection with dirty needles ( tattoo , heroine etc. )

=》Infected mother to child

=》Sharing intimate space with an infected person .

=》Blood products transfusion

The good news is that this disease can be prevented by way of vaccination . However many in our federation do not have it .

The vaccine consists of three shots .

I recommend to all to get to know your status through a simple blood test .

It is very important to know as Hepatitis B can be deadly. It can lead to liver cirrhosis (the liver becomes hard and does not function correctly). Additionally, it can lead to liver cancer especially in black people .

The reason why I am concerned is that over the last few years I have seen a number of cases of men with Hepatitis B and liver cancer which have resulted in deaths .

To conclude, we should all practice safe sex (use condoms ) and get check- ups. So the next time you visit your doctor ask about Hepatitis B.