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Some Examples Of How Garlic Fights Colds And The Flu 

In the words of Augustus Saint-Gardens’, “What garlic is to food, insanity is to art?”

Let food be our medicine, and medicine be our food, are famous words from the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates (Hippocrates is well known to be a Greek Physician who is credited with establishing the foundation of Scientific medicine), often called the father of Western Medicine.

In fact, it is said that he actually used to prescribe garlic to treat a variety of medical conditions. Well-modern science has recently confirmed many of those beneficial health effects.

Nonetheless, let us continue from where we left off from our previous article by looking at how to maximize the benefits of garlic clove.

The health Experts have clearly stated that the way garlic clove is processed or prepared can really change its health benefits. In addition, they also said that the enzyme Alliinase, which converts Alliin into the beneficial Allicin, which only works under certain conditions. For example, it can be deactivated by heat.

It is said that one study found that as little as 60 seconds of microwaving or 45 minutes in the oven can deactivate Alliinase, while another study found similar results as well.

However, let it be noted that crushing garlic clove and then allowing it to stand for 10 minutes before cooking which can also help to prevent the loss of its medicinal properties.

In addition, some researchers have also stated that the loss of health benefits due to cooking could be compensated for by increasing the amount of garlic clove used. Please find below a few ways to maximize the health benefits of garlic clove:

a. Crush or slice all your garlic clove before you eat it. This increases the Allicin content.

b. Before you cook your crush garlic clove, let it stand for 10 minutes.

c. Use a lot of garlic clove – more than one garlic clove per meal, if you can.

But more importantly, ensure that the whole garlic clove is crushed, chewed or sliced before it’s eaten. However, let the crushed garlic clove stand for 10 minutes before you cook it.

Let now move on by looking at garlic supplements.

The Nutritionists and the Dietitians clearly state that there was another easy way to increase your garlic intake and that is by taking a supplement. However, they also advise that we should be cautious as there are no regulated standards for garlic supplements.

Therefore, that means the Allicin content and its quality can vary, and so can the health benefits as well.

Then there is powered garlic: Moreover, powered garlic is made from fresh garlic that has been sliced and dried, therefore it does not contain Allicin, but is said to have Allicin potential. Please note that powered garlic is processed at low temperatures, and then put inside capsules to protect it from stomach acid.

Again, it is said that this helps the enzyme Alliinase survive the harsh environment of the stomach so that it can convert Alliin to the beneficial Allicin in the intestine. Moreover, unfortunatety. It is very unclear how much Allicin can be derived from powered garlic supplements because this varies greatly depending on the type of brand and its preparation.

We shall now look at aged garlic extract. Recent research has clearly stated that when raw garlic has been sliced and stored in 15 – 20% ethanol for over 15 years it then becomes aged garlic extract.

This type of supplement does not contain Allicin, but it does contain the medical properties of garlic, with many of those studies revealing or showing benefits against colds and the flu that used garlic extract.We shall now turn our attention to garlic oil. Some studies have also revealed that garlic oil is also an effective supplement, and it is made by infusing raw garlic into cooking oils. In addition, it is said that you can also add it directly to our meals, or take it in capsules.Moreover, it’s worth noting that animal studies have shown that garlic oil can be quite toxic to rats at higher doses and in certain conditions. Additionally, homemade garlic oil has also been linked with several cases of botulism (Botulism, is a severe, sometimes fatal food poisoning caused by ingestion of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridiums botulinum in properly canned or preserved food and characterized by nausea, vomiting, disturbed vision, and paralysis), so if you are going to make your very own, make to use proper preservation methods.The truth is: Common types of garlic supplements include powered garlic, aged garlic extract and garlic oil. However, aged garlic extract may be the best type to use.As time is of the utmost importance, we shall stop here for today, but will continue where we left off by looking at how much garlic should we eat per day.As I end here for today, I leave you with a quote by William Shatner, a poem by An Unknown Author, a recipe, and a garlic song by An Unknown Author.

“Stop and smell the garlic! That’s all you have to do.” – William Shatner.

Garlic Bread By: An Unknown Author.
Why oh why did you pic’ the garlic bread?Your breath is so bad; I wish I was dead,Not very good for our first date,Finding the food I most simply hate.
Why oh why was the garlic bread asked for?I thought I was the girl you simply adore,Yet still you torture me with that partial smell,I have never been so close to the place called hell.
Why oh why the garlic bread?Couldn’t you choose chips instead?I know that they are not great,But you’ve made this our first and final date.
Oh don’t be surprised if I don’t return your call,If we pass in the street, or at the mall,Don’t be shocked if I don’t look up,

Korean Pickled GarlicRecipe supplied by Hyosun Ro.

Maneuljangajji is a traditional side dish in Korea. The garlic cloves are first soaked in vinegar brine for a few days, before being pickled in soy brine. Through this two step process, the garlic clove loses much of its pungent bite and becomes slightly sweet and tangy.

Makes one (1) large jar.

500g fresh garlic cloves (about 8-9 whole heads).
For the vinegar brine.
150ml vinegar.

I tbsp sea salt.400ml water.

For the soy brine.
150ml soy sauce. 60 ml vinegar.3 tbsp sugar. 400 ml water.
1. Separate the garlic cloves. Soak in hot water for 30 minutes or longer, which will help the skins come off easily. Peel and remove the root ends with a small knife. Rinse and drain. Add to a large sterilized picking jar.2. Stir the vinegar brine ingredients together until the salt has dissolved and poor enough over the garlic cloves to submerge them. Secure the lid and leave to stand at room temperature for 5-7 days.3. Bring the soy brine ingredients to a boil and gentle boil for 5 minutes over a medium heat. Allow to cool completely.4. Drain the vinegar brine from the jar. Pour the cooled soy brine over the garlic cloves. Make sure all the garlic cloves are submerged. Close the lid tightly and leave to stand at room temperature for 2 weeks. The garlic can be eaten at this point, but it will taste better as it matures. Refrigerate after opening. The garlic cloves will keep for a few months.

Garlic Song                                                                                                             

By: An unknown Author.

We live in constant danger,There’s evil in the air,Some people pray,Some run away,Go crazy with despair,Bring us one more bowl now,We want more; you’ve got the goods,And another bottle, right away,You’ll forget what’s in the woods,We’ll forget what’s in the woods.

Garlic garlic, when times are tough and grave,Garlic garlic, it’s a remedy we crave,Transylvania is scary,One cannot be too wary,For with garlic we are saved,With garlic we are saved.

The days are disappointing,The nights are even worse,The cows are scared,The sheep are wary, out lives are simply cussed,We dance as if we’re happy,We sing as if we’re fine,But the simple fact, is simple that,We’ve gone and lost our mind,Garlic garlic, the secret of staying young,Garlic garlc, that’s why we’re so well hung,What’s strong is getting stronger,With garlic on your tongue,With garlic on your tongue.

We’ve simply lost our minds,We’ve simply lost our minds,We’ve simply gone, we’ve simply gone,And lost our bloody minds!

Garlic garlic, the secret of staying young,Garlic garlic, that’s why we’re so well hung,What’s strong is getting stronger,What’s long is getting longer,With garlic on your tongue,With garlic on your tongue,
Garlic garlic, it’s the nourishment we crave,Garlic garlic, when times are tough and grave,Garlic garlic, it’s a remedy we pray,Transylvania is too scary,One cannot be too wary,For garlic we’ll be saved,From the cradle to the grave,With garlic we’ll be saved.