By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Tuesday 20th April 2021)-Well-Known community activist and medical practitioner specialized in Internal Medicine Dr. Terrance Drew has officially launched a non-profit charitable organization called the  CARE Foundation (Compassionate Action to Reach and Empower) of which he is the founder.

Held under the theme ‘We are Stronger When We CARE’, a ceremony was held on Saturday 17th April 2020 at Carambola Beach Club located at the South East Peninsula.

Dr. Drew shared an experience which helped to inspire his commitment to serve having seen an elderly woman trapped in her house near a running ghaut in his childhood community of Upper Monkey Hill, St. Peter’s.

“All of us have stories that we will never ever forget. I can never ever forget that 80-year- old in a little wooden house screaming for help and the ambulance could not pass because the ghaut was running and the bridge was damaged and then some men rushed to the house…getting over the ghaut into that house to get her to the hospital.  I thought then that she deserved better and that she deserved. That to a great extent inspired in me my commitment to serve the best I can  and to ask others  to give of themselves and the best of themselves so that as a community, as a country and as humanity in general that together we can overcome the difficulties that we face and so that story is etched in my soul and you have your own stories that are etched in your souls but I think there’s a common humanity or common stream of stories that connect us all and those stories really pull at us to say always seek to give  and to give the best that you can,” he highlighted.

The five (5) main pillars of the organization are: Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Response, Health, Wellness and Nutrition Empowerment & Education and Community Enhancement.

Dr. Drew said when he first conceptualized the establishment of the CARE Foundation, never would he have “imagined or anticipated how quickly and strongly so many of you and what a diverse group of you would have immediately connected and aligned with the vision and expressed your support financially and materially to our cause.”

“This has been a very humbling experience and an incredibly affirming one as well,” he added.

According to Dr. Drew, the launch of the CARE Foundation will mark a defining moment in our national story.  

“It will mark the day when a movement spread kindness, love and light throughout our Federation. It will mark the day, when the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, as sampled here in this audience and those watching online, decided that they will not be defeated by all the national challenges but they will be inspired and empowered.”

The other members on the Board of Councillors of the CARE Foundation are Ms.Nerys Dockery (President)  Anthony Johnson ( Secretary), Mr. Jonathan Bass, Dr. Christine Walwyn, Mr. Dominic Stephens, Ms. Lauretta Evelyn, Ms. Lanein Blanchette, Ms. Mary Clarke and Ms. Kelvina Salters.

The C.A.R.E. Foundation is fully described to be a non- sectarian, non-profit charitable organization that was established on February 22, 2021.

Furthermore, it is said to be a humanitarian organization focused on community outreach across St. Kitts and Nevis to do good and to serve wherever there is a need.