“Dey say dat de fellas dem…”

  • Dey say dat de fellas dem dung by de frilly mout deputy ain mekking no joke wid him. Dey tell him dat now dey done do what he ask dem to do, he ain want to pay dem what he promise dem.  And if he ain look after dem properly, head gon roll.


  • When de Marriott man see de man wid he big placard, he nearly tekeen. He tell Idi Amin dat he family one carn get all de wuk.  He, de Marriott man, mek promise to people too.   But Idi Amin tell him dat so long as he ain sign to say dat he support him for de big wuk, he gon see how barley grow.


  • Since de calypsonian went go protest, he ain gone back. Dey tell him dat if he ever pull a stunt like dat again, dey gon let Mable expose him.  So he call off all de rest protest dem.


  • People did waiting for de government to say dat hurricane coming and shut dung de town. But dey say dat a big man from de chamber tell dem dat if dey shut dung town again and no storm come, de government will have to pay he worker dem.


  • Dey say dat Idi Amin bring een de man to mek him de minister. He tell somebody dat he carn tek de pressure.  He ain know what to do.  He tired try blame de Boss and dat not wukking anymore.  He say dat if he did know dat he woulda end up wid de ministry, he would not a have so much to say before dey win.


  • Idi Amin tell a close friend dat he ain care what commission a enquiry say bout de man. He warn sleep when night come.  He say dat none a dem in cabinet can tell him nutten because he offer de ministry to everyone a dem and none a demtek him on.


  • Idi Amin say is a man like dat he want. Shoot fuss den ask crestion after.  He say when he and de man done widde federation, crime gon be more danchending down.


  • Sleepy Hammy nearly tekeen when he hear de lady who know everyting bout everyting ask de young doctor what he doing as de representative for de constituency. He tell de young kipper dat he don’t know how much more disrespect he can tek.


  • He tell a friend dat he does have to drag heself go wuk everyday how he does don’t want go. He say dat is only because he fraid Ms Whisky tek out he money when he ain show up otherwise he woulda stop home.


  • When people get to hear dat Idi Amin done put everyting in place to mek sure dat de case gainst he people dem go through bush, he start to root like a hog. He say dat he gon find out who talk and whoever it is, not gon have no more wuk.