By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 15th October 2018)– In showing support to their children whether in sports, academics, pageantry and other activities or events , it is quite normal for parents to display what many people perceive to be natural over-the-top type of happy emotions exhibited by individuals whose love and affection fits a special category.

For Natalia Louis, the support thrown behind her three (3) cricketer sons, including Jeremiah Louis of the St.Kitts & Nevis Patriots, being a cheerleader takes on a whole new meaning.

Mom Louis is the leader of a group called the Pink Patriots which was officially named last year on the occasion of the Caribbean Premier League (CLP) T20 Tournament leg of matches played at the Warner Park Stadium in Basseterre.

Notably, however, for more than 10 years, the group of women (consisting of different members over time) has been making appearances at matches hosted in the Federation.

Photo caption: The St.Kitts Pink Patriots – (L to R) Renee Taylor, Natalia Louis, Shamarie Abbott, Kimberly Hodge, Shandarie Abbott and Lakeisha Davis- are among other citizens and residents who have cheered the winning ways of the St.Kitts & Nevis Patriots cricket team (Spokesman Snap)

Speaking with this reporter during an exclusive interview, mom Louis shared: “The idea behind it [the group] is that we’re a group of women who always follow the guys playing cricket. I have sons playing cricket and Jeremiah Louis, he is the first St.Kitts & Nevis Patriot from St.Kitts to be on the Patriots team!”

She added: “We’ve made a symbol for ourselves by naming ourselves the Pink Patriots.

The pink represents the women and we used a strong pink and purple [in our costumes] to showcase the strength of women.”

Jeremiah Louis, 22, a right-arm pacer, made his CPL debut in 2016.

Mom Louis’s second son Jerrickson Louis has played for Leeward under 19 and was recently part of the St.Kitts Senior Cricket Team which saw the squad securing a three-peat win following the games hosted in Montserrat while her third son Jerellius Louis is a member of the West Indies under 19 team who travelled to Zimbabwe and South Africa with the last year.

Notably, members of the Pink Patriots were part of the recent welcome party at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal for the return of senior cricket team following the matches played in Montserrat.

Commenting on what has the response from members of the public been like towards the Pink Patriots Mom Louis remarked: “Well, the majority is very positive; a lot of people look for us every year because every year we do this, and so a lot of people look forward for us to come out and always wonder what type of clothing we’re coming in next and what would our theme be.”

According to her, the group has been around since in West Indies cricket time when her children were under 13, 15 and 17 years of age.

“We were always very patriotic following cricket played in St.Kitts most of all, and then when the other regional cricket came here we were always having a theme in the park. We were the only girls always here just cheering along; no matter what we just cheer, cheer, cheer!”

As it relates to the function of the group, Louis expressed: “Our role is to keep people entertained. People love to see pretty girls. We’re not dancers; the park is already filled with dancers during CPL. We are very modest women and we carry ourselves very modestly. We are just nice, enthusiastic women who come out to show our support to all cricket that is hosted in St.Kitts.”

Mom Louis highlighted that last year’s CPL costume was pink and white but “this year we wanted to be glittery to showcase our glamour this year…”

Asked what her son Jeremiah thinks about her group, she said: “He loves it because he just loves to know his mom is out there cheering for him and cheering for his team and team no matter what whether it is good or bad. Even the teams from St.Kitts, they love to see us come out and cheer. We are big fanatics!”

Her two other sons “also love [their] mom to come out and cheer.”

When asked how she felt when her son Jeremiah became a member of the St.Kitts & Nevis Patriots, she has this to say: “I was ecstatic! When your children are in sports you always want to see them excel to a higher level so seeing him excel to such a level was really a wonder, heartwarming feeling that any mother would have to see her child would excel in such a high level in the sport that he or she plays.”

She continued: “It was always a wonderful feeling from following him around on the under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 19 then to the St.Kitts senior team then to the Leeward Island team and then now to the Patriots, it’s really a wonderful feeling. He was also present for the West Indies A team and the West Indies B team this year so that in itself has really been a great achievement for him and a wonderful feeling for me as a mother to see him excel thus far and I hope he would continue to go further even into the West Indies senior team-him and other Kittitians to come who are also engaged in the game of cricket.”

“All of them have played in the Leeward under 15 and Leeward under 17. The three of them have been involved in a lot of cricket and they have done well in their field and hopefully they will continue to go further,” mom Louis said about her three sons.

In providing further updates on the success of her sons, she informed that following the games in Montserrat, her older son Jeremiah left with the Leeward Islands Hurricanes to play Regional West Indies 50 over, and in his first match against Barbados, he bowled 8 overs, a career best of 5 wickets for 33 runs.

As understood, the Pink Patriots, is focusing on functioning as a group willing to offer guidance and assistance to persons in the community and organisations through fundraising and other charitable activities.

Sports spectatorship and participation are viewed by the group as beneficial avenues for emotional wellness of females as it relates to the women’s support aspect of the Pink Patriots.
Other group members are: Renee Taylor, Natalia Louis, Shamarie Abbott, Kimberly Hodge, Shandarie Abbott and Lakeisha Davis.

Interested persons can contact the group at 1-869-669-4824 or Natalia Louis directly at 1-869-669-7897.
Photo: Natalia Louis