Photo: Pastor Mark Hodge

By: Spokesman Newsroom

 BASSETERRE, St.Kitts– A Sandy Point pastor, on Saturday 18th November, was fatally injured following a 3-vehicle crash outside of an event venue for a gospel festival he had attended

Dead is 45-year-old Mark Hodge, the Federation’s seventh road fatality victim for 2017.

Police say that at about 1:40 AM that traffic accident occurred along Wellington Road in the vicinity of Flow’s Grounds.

The collision involved male pedestrian Hodge and his motor van P9838 as well as motor jeep PA5711 owned by Scenic Railway but was driven by Christopher True and motor jeep PB496 owned by Neysa Baker-Tyson of Old Road.

According to police, circumstances are that PB496 and P9838 were parked on the western side slightly on the road facing south.

Reportedly, the pedestrian was standing next to his motor van (P9838) while PA5711 was travelling north along Wellington Road. When PA5711 reached the vicinity of Flow’s grounds, the vehicle collided with Hodge and the front bumper of P9838, which then caused the rear bumper to collide with the front bumper of PB496.

Credible information reaching this media house indicates that Hodge, at the time, was having car trouble and was trying to deal with such.

Hodge was transported to the Joseph N. France (JNF) Hospital by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), but succumb to his injuries.

Officers on the scene recorded measurements, statements and damages.

True was taken into police custody and is assisting with investigations.

Police have recorded that road fatality as one of “two serious accidents” which occurred that day after two drivers were left injured following a second collision along Wellington Road also at about 2:50 AM in the vicinity of the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union.

Reportedly, it involved two vehicles- motorcar PB981 owned by Carol Curtis of Ottleys but driven by Cyndee Anslyn also of Ottleys and motor jeep P925, which is owned and was driven by Burnette Levine of Canada Estate.

Circumstances are that P925 was travelling north along Wellington Road when PB981 came out of a junction from Bladens and turned South onto Wellington Road resulting in the crash.

Both drivers were transported to the JNF Hospital and were being treated for their injuries.