In a recent speech by the Prime Minister given in the National Assembly he declared that his Government has never hesitated to do the right thing and his government has always done the right thing not for the sake of EXPEDIENCY, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Our Prime Minister has been telling the public so many lies that he does not know when he is telling lies from when he is telling the truth.

Take for instance the matter of the establishment of the “Public Accounts Committee.” The Prime Minister hesitated and hesitated and when he finally decided to establish the Public Accounts Committee it was done on the basis of EXPEDIENCY.

In a further matter, the matter of the Basseterre High School, the Prime Minister has gone along with the whole set of “stupidness”, not because he knows or thinks it is right, but because it is EXPEDIENT to do so.

Surely our Prime Minister could not have believed that his government was doing the right thing when it disciplined CMO Dr. Patrick Martin, most severely, and allowed the evil-doers involved to escape without any form of discipline or punishment. The Timothy Harris government dealt with CMO Dr. Patrick Martin on the basis of EXPEDIENCY. Even a fool would have known that Dr. Martin was not deserving of any discipline or punishment.

The nasty thing about the whole affair is that the Bishop is not known to be a scholar or someone who loves Learning and Teaching.

He is not a person who could easily attract the respect and admiration of the other Principals or teachers. He was appointed Principal of the School just for the sake of Expediency.

Team Unity promised the general public Openness and Transparency. All we are getting now that Team Unity is government is Secrecy, Hypocrisy and misleading Propaganda.

Team Unity promised the electorate good governance and Financial Stringency. Instead what Team Unity has given us is A Stem Cell Research Project and the saga of a Chinese Refugee and paying people in St. Kitts-Nevis for protection.