A well-known community activist, religious leader and businessman from West Farm Khrystus Wallace has publicly remembered  a young woman in her 20s, Alisha Dunrod, who was the victim of a recent deadly stabbing incident.

As shared by him in a social media Facebook post on Thursday 6th October 2022: “As a child, Alisha was one of the most faithful and loyal members of our Gospel Organizations. She was always at CHURCH on SUNDAYS, midweek Bible Study and Prayer on Wednesdays and Youth Fellowship on Fridays.”

He recalled a conversation he had with her the day before she died saying ” Although Alisha moved out of our Trinity Community when she became an adult, she remained very close to me and would still attend special events of our Gospel Ministry. She remained in contact via whatsapp. It is interesting to note that the SUNDAY, the day before she died, she sent me a message on whatsapp having listened my sermon for the day which said, “AMEN and don’t forget me.” I responded OK because I had promised to do something for her not know she was going to die the next day.”

He said she grew up in The West Farm, Trinity Parish, St. Kitts community and attended The Bronte Welsh Primary School and The Verchilds High School.

According to Wallace: “She received most of her childhood spiritual guidance and personal life training through THE  VICTORY  CENTRE, a registered Children and Youth Church and Dare 2 Be Different International, a gospel YOUTH community group and charity.”

Giving more details about the deceased, he commented:
Alisha loved to help in the KITCHEN and also liked to come on Saturdays to convert KVK  ENTERPRISES into a CHURCH for Sunday Service. She was humble, kind and very expressive and like to SUCK  HER  FINGER. Alisha was full of LOVE. Alisha was FULL  OF  LOVE. She loved to tell me, “Brother Khrystus, you just believe in us eh. You does make us feel like we can CONQUER  THE  WORLD.”

“A few years ago, we gave Alisha an opportunity to enter our Dare 2 Be Different International Vacation Bible School Pageant and she was overjoyed and she told everyone how HAPPY she was to have been chosen. Although she didn’t place, like all the CHILDREN, she was SHOWERED with alot of gifts still,” he also stated.

Police are investigating the death of Dunrod of the Sprott Street  resident who was fatally wounded during an incident along Central Street, Basseterre on Monday 3rd October.

While the authorities say that the young woman is 22-year-old, a close family member has challenged the police on such saying she is actually 20.

Reportedly, police responded to the scene of the incident following an emergency call that was made to 911 sometime after 3 p.m.

It is further reported that the information received stated that a young woman had been stabbed and needed assistance.  Investigations so far have revealed that Dunrod was injured during an altercation. She was transported to the JNF General Hospital via the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), but succumbed to her injuries. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Personnel from the Forensic Department processed the scene and collected items of evidential value. An individual was taken into Police custody to assist with investigations into the matter.

Persons with information regarding this incident are urged to contact the Violent Crime Unit by dialing 467-1887467-1888662-3468, their nearest Police Station or the Crime Hotline at 707 where information can be given anonymously. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.