Newly-crowned Labour Queen Tyanna Richards of Constituency Four seen with First runner-up Kadedra Lewis of Constituency Two (left); second runner-up Zubaidah Springer of Constituency Six (second from right) and third runner-up Azariah Vanterpool of Constituency Five along with the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate for Constituency Four Steve Wrensford (seen with the new queen) and Party Leader Dr. Denzil L. Douglas of Constituency Six (Photo credit: Ryddim)

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Friday 10th May 2019) -With a score of 736.5 points, Tyanna Richards of Constituency Four emerged the winner of the 2019 Miss Labour Pageant, beating seven other contestants to the crown following the show held on Saturday 4th May at Carnival Village.

First runner-up position went to Kadedra Lewis of Constituency Two with 700 points while Zubaidah Springer of Constituency Six and Azariah Vanterpool of placed second and third runners-up respectively with 697 and 672.5 points.

The new queen captured the Best Motivational Speech segment with a passionate, eloquent, confident and energetic comradery flow which obvioulsy wowed the judges. 

Lewis was adjudged Best Evening Wear with a red sparkly floor length dress and also Best Creative Wear with an ensemble made out of cards.

Springer won Best Talent with a dramatic presentation acting as a churchgoer, who in prayer, called out the giving ‘Red Flags’ in areas whereby the government is accused of wrong-doings and further mismanagement.

“Oh Lord deliver us because dey selling off we passport dem like black pudding pon de street so is only you Lord who could stop this Citizen By Investment passport racket!” was part of her onstage prayer lines.

“Red Flag fu dem! Ah say red flag!”, was the popular tagline as she pranced about theatrically with a red flag. 

Her comical yet though-provoking performance sent members of the audience wild with excitement as they laughed, cheered and assisted in saying ‘Red Flag’ accordingly.

Vanterpool was voted Most Photogenic.

The other contestants were: Levanna Williams of Constituency One, Miss Ladelcia Jeffers of Constituency Three, Miss Shecoma Greene Henry of Constituency Seven and Ricayah Greaux of Constituency Eight.

The St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate for Constituency Four Steve Wrensford, in speaking to this media house expressed that he was sure about his contestant attaining the pageantry royal title.

“I am very elated. The show was of one of the highest standards in a very long time. I think all of the girls were great and I think we had a very high class show and I had no doubt in my mind that my contestant would have won.”

The show was emceed by Maurice ‘EK’ Flanders.

Dejour and Collin Wyatt were the guest artistes.