The Union and You

In the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “It is one of the characteristics of a free and democratic nation that it has free and independent Labour Union.”

 The main primary function of the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union is to provide practical support to its membership in dealing with problems arising at the workplace, and by extension their homes and their communities as well.

 However, to do so the leadership of the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour union will continue to:

1.   Promote the ratification and application of international Labour Standards (ILS)

2.   Continue to supply information and analyze questions related to Labour and Social issues

3.   Offer views for debate on issues of current concerns;

4.   Fight poverty and unemployment

5.   Protect working people

6.   Secure the complete organisation in the Union of all workers employed in all trades, industries, and occupations in our very beautiful Federation of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis;

7.   Obtain and maintain just and proper rates of wages, salaries, hours of work, holidays and other condition of Labour, and generally to protect the interest of its membership.

 However, the present leaders of the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union  are also of the full and unconditional opinion that no worker can find the answer to his/her problem in isolation. In addition, we are also of the view that if you take the highest paid worker and the lowest paid worker, you will find that neither has enough economic power to discipline any organisation/corporation.

 Therefore, our Union with the help of its membership is still willing and able to discipline organisation/corporations because we are still able to bring together the power and solidarity of the highest paid and the lowest paid worker, and all the other workers in between. That is a lesson we must never ever forget.

Nonetheless, let us now continue by looking at the Union and you, and some other reasons why a worker needs a Trade Union.

We will start by looking at strength through unity. Sometime ago we painstakingly pointed out the importance of unity in Trade Unions. In fact, that is because it is much easier to gain concession from the employer by collective bargaining through a Trade Union than by arguing for your rights as a single worker.

As time is of the utmost importance, we will have to stop here for today, but will continue in our next article when we look at the representation of workers.

As I take my leave for today, I leave you with a quote by John Paul VI, and a song recorded by Elvis Presley and written by Charles Goodman.

“The important role of Union organization must be admitted: their object is the representation of the various categories of workers, their lawful collaboration is the economic advance of society, and the development of the sense of their responsibility for the realization of the common good.” – John Paul VI.

 Who Am I

Recorded by Elvis Presley,

Written by Charles Goodman.

When I think of how He came so far from glory,

Came to dwell among the lowly such as I,

To suffer shame and such disgrace,

On Mount Calvary take my place,

Then I ask myself this question,

Who am I?

Who am I that the King would bleed and die for,

Who am I that He would pray not my will Thy lord?

The answer I may never know,

Why He ever loved me so,

But to that old rugged cross He’d go,

For who am I.

When I’m reminded of His words I’ll leave Him never,

If you’ll be true I’ll give to you life forever,

Oh I wonder what I could have done,

To deserve God’s only Son,

To fight my battles until they’re won,

For who am I.

Repeat #2.

But to that old rugged cross He’d go,

For who am I.