The St.Kitts-Nevis delegation performs on the occasion of the 108th National Day in the Republic of China (Taiwan) this week. (Spokesman Snaps)

TAIPEI, Taiwan (Friday 11th October 2019)– A St.Kitts-Nevis folklore delegation featuring masqueraders and clowns were among participating countries who performed on the streets of Tapei in the Republic on China (Taiwan) on the occasion of the 108th National Day celebration ceremony held on the morning of Thursday 10th October.

This year has been dubbed the Double Tenth to highlight the anniversary on the tenth of the tenth month.

Scores of Taiwanese nationals attended; many wearing the patriotic colours of their country’s flag-red, blue and white.

President Tsai Ing-wen, who was seated among colleagues and other officials, looked at the ceremony from a plaza within the vicinity of the Presidential Office Building.

This media house has been able to provide first-hand coverage of the event  through the Acting Editor of this publication, Precious Mills, facilitated via Double Tenth International Press Tour (5th-11th October) organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. 

Acting Editor of the Labour Spokesman Precious Mills takes a photo following the National Day ceremony (Photo by Roberson Alphonse)

Russia, Colombia, Haiti, Singapore, Japan, Korea, South Africa and Swaziland are included on the list of the countries of media personnel.

Ahead of the ceremony that morning, the visiting press group was invited to the Office of the President whereby those media workers had the opportunity, along with diplomats and other guests, to have a handshake audience with President Tsai.

Notably, the countries, names and organisations of the media representatives were read before the meet and greet session conducted at President Hall which also saw Vice President Chen Chen-jen among the welcoming party.

To the St.Kitts-Nevis representative, President  Tsai said “welcome” to which Mills replied “Thank you.”

In addressing the outlook for the future of the Republic of China (Taiwan), -in her speech (translated from Madarin) entitled ‘Nation of Resilience, Forward Into the World’-  she (President Tsai) expressed: “Our future path is clear as are our goals.

She then went on to outline three focus areas.

“First, we must ensure that the people continue to remain United under the banner of freedom and democracy to defend our sovereignty. Second, we must continue to build a stronger Taiwan and bolster our economic capabilities to create a prosperous society and powerful country.Third, we must actively engage with the world and overcome challenges so that the Republic of China (Taiwan) can hold its head high on the  international stage with bravery and confidence.”

She pointed out that: “Last quarter, we reclaimed the top spot among the Four Asian Tigers for the GDP growth. The World Economic Forum ranked us as one of the world’s top four ‘superior innovators’ and our Hi-Tech and innovative industries are world-leading.”

In further talking about the country’s achievements, she told: “Taiwan’s athletes, skills, competitors and countless creative designers and artists are shining on the international stage and bringing honour and pride to Taiwan.”

She also disclosed that Taiwan’s self-developed FORMOSAT-5 and FORMOSAT-7 have both been launched into space, a testament to our prowess in aerospace technology noting that a team of scientists from Taiwan also contributed to capturing the world’s first images of a black hole. 

“If we can go into space and see a black hole 55 million light-years away, how could we not have the courage to face the challenges ahead? Our resilience has transformed history’s trials into the power to grow and evolve,” she commented.

According to President Tsai: “Our efforts have transformed natural disasters into opportunities for rebirth. Each day, our Homeland is made better thanks to the efforts of all who call this place home.”

At the start of her speech, she thanked “all of our friends from around the world who have come to commemorate this day with us.”

President Tsai recently visited St.Kitts-Nevis in July this year .

The Republic of China (Taiwan) was the first diplomatic friend of the Federation following the Independence attained on 19th September 1983.

The St.Kitts-Nevis delegation performs on the occasion of the 108th National Day in the Republic of China (Taiwan) this week. (Spokesman Snaps)

Mills, in speaking about the ceremony event coverage, stated: “I have covered the National Day receptions put on by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) back home but to have the opportunity to be here during the celebration was exciting to witness. When I saw the delegation from St.Kitts-Nevis, I got up  from my seat and drew closer to capture the moment. I got goosebumps; they performed well!”

She went on to say: “The visiting media group was treated special. It was a packed schedule but it was an enjoyable experience filled with educational presentations and discussions.”

Mills has extended gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)and by extension the government of Taiwan for the media tour invitation.