Deceased - Lesley Small

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 20th November 2020)- A well-known safety and health advocate and expert, Major Joseph Jones, is making further public appeal for occupational safety and health awareness in light of a recent incident involving a worker who fell on the job resulting in a deadly head injury.

Joseph Jones

Jones, who is a regular writer of the Occupational Safety & Health column of the Labour Spokesman newspaper, recently shared his thoughts on what he views as an unfortunate incident during an interview with this media house.

“The day to day application of safety and health practices is part of the normal operation. The St.Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union speaks to workers in St.Kitts-Nevis where there are certain aspects of major health hazards, control heavy work or jobs requiring a lot of movements.”

He added: “Now, working heights is important. It is incorrect if the body gets tired quickly. The working height should be such that the job can be done with the shoulders relaxed and their normal position. The work should be done as close to the body as possible, your position should feel comfortable no matter what type of work you are doing. If the work demands precision where vision is important then the working height should be higher. Precision work also requires support for arms where heavy work is involved and the working height should be for certain operations be enough to allow the worker to use the weight of his own body to the best advantage. Mark you, the awareness must be there at all times.”

Close to midday on Monday 9th November 2020, the Criminal Investigation Department was informed of a death at the JNF General Hospital being that of 44-year-old Lesley Small of Cunningham Village, Cayon.

Reportedly, officers responded and investigations so far have revealed that Small was on a building in Half Moon, Frigate Bay, working on the roof when he fell off the building.

He was taken to the hospital via private vehicle and pronounced dead upon arrival following an examination by the doctor at the hospital.

An autopsy performed by Resident Pathologist, Dr. Adrian Nunez Wednesday 11th November concluded that Small’s death was as a result of severe cranioencephalic trauma due to a contusion he received when he fell from a roof at work.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing. Persons with information about this incident are asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 465-2241, their nearest Police Station or call the crime hotline at 707.