Cleveland Collins better known as Gregory

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Saturday 15th June 2019)-A positive-minded person, helpful, humourous and full of vibes are among the qualities in remembrance of man whose community, relatives and other loved ones are still trying to come to grips with his death in the aftermath of a shop fire in St. Peter’s early Thursday morning this week which has seen a locally owned business place burnt to the ground. 

Dead is 64-year-old Cleveland Collins, a well-known Rastafarian better known Gregory. 

Police received a report of a fire at All B’s Bar at Douglas Estate-owned by Germaine Brookes- at approximately 3:00 AM and responded. Additionally, the Fire and Rescue Services team was summoned to the scene to extinguish the flames whereby Collin’s body was discovered in the establishment lying motionless on the floor.

A grief-stricken relative is comforted by her loved ones (Spokesman Snap)

That two-section business place housed an eatery and a mini mart. 
At the scene that morning, a grief-stricken female relative became overwhelmed with emotions at the sight of Collin’s remains being taken away from the charred building by workers from the Liamuiga Funeral Home.This media house has spoken with a few of the community residents. Here is what they had to say: 

Ras J

 “I feel hurt knowing that he was a good man around and we could ask him for favours and that man would do anything for anybody; never could pass you and not say a word so right now I just feel hurt that’s all I could say but I just it wasn’t how it is; how it is, it’s just part of life. I will remember him most for him hail ups, his greetings, his vibes- that’s him. Always an upful person that’s what I’ll remember about him. He was a good man. A man who I could never have a dull day around. You and him could have an argument and before de hour you an him good again. That’s the kind of man he is. 

Sincere condolences to all his family members and all the friends and all who love him that he has gone but he ain’t going be missing out we thoughts…I just wish he was here. I’m sorry it had to go that way. So to the family, to the community, friends and even foes- one love. 

He was a man who helped Germaine out in many situations and any situation so I could see where she might feel it as much the family or more because he was like a brother  to her still so I wish her all the best still  in the future for her to get back the shop because I’m willing to help anytime  but I can’t bring back Gregory and that the most important part because we could build back the shop and get back more stuff and so but we can’t get back a next Gregory, you know what I mean?” 


“Gregory was a nice guy. He never passed me anywhere; he always called me ‘Daughta’. That’s what I’ll remember him by and whenever I go to the shop, he would greet me like that and ask me how I’m doing  and he always asked if mom was ok and how is the kids and what’s not. He was really nice and he’s going to be missed. He was a helpful guy. It is a tragedy and we’re really going to miss him.” 


“He just had an upful spirit; always had upful energy and full of vibes; like there was never a dull moment when he was around. It’s just sad to see him go out like that; such a good man to go out in such a way. It’s heartbreaking.” 

A candle light vigil is scheduled to take place in Monday 17th June. 

A brother of the deceased who is slated to do an interview with this media house shared, “I’ll tell you why we call him Gregory. 

Knowing that many individuals have been expressing kind sentiments, he commented “Well, you know Gregory was everybody friend.”