BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Wednesday 31st March 2021) – The event coordinator of the annual Basil Henderson Easter Monday Aquatic Sports Meet, Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett, is encouraging citizens and residents of St.Kitts-Nevis to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the second year in a row the usually well-anticipated outdoorsy event has been put off as a health measure in avoiding mass gathering.
“It’s a big event… It’s a big crowd that gathers there and so I understand what the National COVID-19 Task Force is saying.”

Nisbett, who is known as ‘The Doctor of Culture’, says he has been asked to the Chairman of the task force Abdias Samuel to encourage persons to get the vaccine “because by having the vaccination and you reach to 70% of the population that would help in opening back up the country.”

When asked what direct message he has for the public, he expressed: “I believe that people should be encouraged to go and take the vaccine. It ain’t something that going kill you. It’s a worldwide pandemic that we have and by getting vaccinated, it will help us to recover and the tourism industry will begin to open back; that is a big thing because the industry is suffering right now and so the more people take the vaccine, it would be better for the visitors and others coming for us to open the country. The taxi operators and other workers and partners within the sector will be able to go back to work and pick up a decent pay because they are really suffering right now.”

“I believe than sooner than later , the vaccine will be incorporated into travelling  in terms of going overseas , you’ll have to get the vaccine somewhere along the line so for those who are able to take the vaccine, I encourage them to do so,” he remarked.

Nisbett said he is going to take the vaccine.

“I myself would try to go and get it sooner rather than later  because I am a public figure  who are involved in programmes and activities at the various schools and other related events, and so I would like to protect myself and others also.”

 “Oh yes, I miss it!  he said about the yearly event which is hosted at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal whilst adding “People keep calling. Sponsors keep calling and others who still remain onboard in the area of contribution and sponsorship.”

Nisbett shared details and ideas he has to make next year’s 65th edition.
“I’m going to make it big event and have a statue in honour of Mr. Basil Henderson. I have the picture already of how I want it done and I’m going to pursue that. I spoke to one of his family members and told her what I’m going to do and I’m going to see if it can be erected at the Ferry Terminal.”

Henderson is recognized a community icon.  He is said to have started a branch of the 4-H in St.Kitts. He is said to organized the first Easter Parade and first Aquatic Sports meet at the Bay Front in 1951.