PHOTO: An SKNIS photo showing officials during a site visit on Thursday 25th May, 2017. Director of Public Works Cromwell Williams is seen at center with measuring tool.

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts- “In my opinion, Cromwell Williams has always been a stern advocate of protecting the Basseterre Aquifer and I am personally surprised that he is part of a committee that has sanctioned the building of the Basseterre High School there.”

So said a past senior employee of the Water Services Department about the current Director of Public Works Department during an exclusive interview with this media house as he spoke anonymously concerning what he thinks will be a contamination threat to the island’s water source located at Ponds Estate.

“He was even concerned when Solid Waste Management seemed to be doing nothing about people who were dumping garbage in that area years ago.”

According to him, Water Department officials met with Solid Waste Management on several occasions in an effort to get the police to help address the issue.

“Cromwell even had concerns as well about the mechanic shops within the area and that is why I am saying I am quite shocked that he is part of the consent for the building of the school there,” he further stated.

This media house reached out to Williams on the controversial subject matter.

He expressed that he does not intend to make the matter about him noting that the decision was not made by one person alone.

“I don’t intend in any way to really in any make it personal about me. I have studied as part of my master’s degree, I have studied the Basseterre Aquifer. I have a fairly good understanding of what obtains in the areas but this decision was not made by me.”

Williams continued: “ It was made by a committee of persons  of similar training as myself hydrogeologists and  so the fact that it is not just one person but a number of persons who are very familiar with the whole ground water system there and if we can all speak in agreement with one voice that  we think that this is something that is not putting the water resource at undue risk, it is not so much about any one individual  but  it is about the collective understanding and knowledge of various persons coming together.”