BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 17th July 2020) – With the popular, catchy ‘Electric Avenue’ 80s tune being used in its newest promotion campaign, the St.Kitts Electricity Company (SKELEC) Ltd. has launched a system called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a fast forward move in response to the COVID-19 pandemic so as to further facilitate the needs of customers and enhance the ease of doing business.

The launch ceremony for the service (with the St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank as its financial partner) was held on Thursday 9th July 2020 at the Solid Waste Management conference Room located at Taylor’s Range in Basseterre.

IRV has now been added to the company’s list of up-to-date services which include smart meters E-Biz and SKELEC App.

Services include paying bill payments over the phone 24 hours weekly and reporting faults for power outages.

General Manager Clement Williams commented told that he has been with the company almost fifteen (15) years now and is impressed at how the company has been able to respond to changes; not only in integrating new technologies but also incorporating needs of customers.

“For years persons have been crying out about the need to make the bill payment process much simpler. We have not come up with the strategy  that allows you to snap your fingers and ‘poof’ your bill  balance be gone but  we have come up with the IVR system which takes you one step closer to make the customers’ lives much easier.”

Williams added: “It is no surprise that because of COVID-19, the world has forever changed. We are now forced to adapt to the new normal and put processes and systems in place that allow us to function. IVR is a perfect example of this new paradigm shift. In fact, the IVR system has been in discussion well before 2020 but was forced into operation to help aid…autonomy and remote access to services.”

According to him, customers who are not necessarily account holders but had an interest in paying an account wanted the option of not coming to the office to check or pay balances.

The IVR system has the ability to carry out a number of features.

Williams outlined features such as the ability receive and pay balances over the phone using debit and credit cards, receive fast alerts for planned and unplanned outages and even give a call back to customers to confirm that your service has been restored

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, Public Utilities and Posts and Urban Development Shawn Richards applauded SKELEC saying: “Today’s launch signals the innovative and revolutionary pathway the company has undertaken to better serve its customers by providing enhanced customer support for its many consumers.”

“At a time where there is increased need for interconnectedness, companies must engage in strategies to increase the service it provides to its employees, customers and stakeholders. The year 2020 has brought many unusual occurrences which require creativity, problem solving, tenacity and a people- centered approach, COVID-19 is one such example,” he noted.

To activate the IRV system, customers are asked to call 465- 2000.