BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 27th August 2021)- Although dubbed ‘The Biggest Party in Sport’, the CPL (Caribbean Premier League) being hosted at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium in St.Kitts will not feature a partying music atmosphere but could see a short tune when a batsman knocks a 6.

Superintendent Cromwell Henry, member of the National COVID Task Force during an appearance on ‘Policing With You’ aired on Thursday 26th August 2021 aired on ZIZ provided details for such following an initial announcement at the weekly COVID-19 briefing held the day before.

“If any music is played you might have a 10 second or 20 second when there is a batsman knocks a 6…to acknowledge the 6, and let the stadium know something just happen but you will not have the type of music in between for the change of overs…will not the type of music that would have persons dancing to it.”

A look at the crowd at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium in St.Kitts in August 2018 (Spokesman Snap)

According to him: “I’ve heard an announcement that they’ve renamed it to The Sunshine Premium Stand but there will be no party stand. The regulations say there shall be no music in the stadium…and so we would not have the type of party atmosphere, and for good reasons. We know that when there is music and there is alcohol, there is a lack of control and so we do not want to have a situation where persons- because I heard they are going to have drinks specials- so if you have drink specials and music you know what’s going to happen, masks off and everybody shouting so we do not want that type of atmosphere because that would not be conducive to what we’re trying to do in preventing infections within the stadium.”

He appealed to the understanding of the public saying: “but we ask the public to bear with us and to understand the reason for it, it is a measure to protect you , and it is no way intended to just damp your  enjoyment of the game; you could enjoy the game without music.”

“We’re seeing a surge in cases and we do not want the surge to be exacerbated by any actions within the stadium, and so in an effort to prevent the spread, we are curtailing the type of activities that are not conducive to good health.”

Superintendent Henry said the compliance team and safety officers will be present to ensure that games are played in a safe environment as much as possible.
Other safety measures put in place include entry for fully vaccinated patrons (with the exception of children who cannot be vaccinated) and a 50% capacity for patrons at the 8000-seater venue which amounts to catering to 4,000.

Notably, cricket players and other CPL personnel who are unvaccinated will be in a bubble, according to local health officials.

“We know that studies have shown that persons who are vaccinated, they are at lower risk of contracting and lower risk of transmitting the virus to other persons, and while one would say Well, while I’m vaccinated, I could still get it’, that is true but your risk is reduced and so it’s all about reducing risks. We are not guaranteeing that if you’re vaccinated, you cannot get it, we know that is not so but we are reducing the risk and we have to do all that we can do to reduce the risk,” Superintendent Henry said.

CPL games began on Thursday 26th August.

Up to Wednesday 25th August, there were 341 active COVID-19 cases in St.Kitts-Nevis.