Workers (People), the pursuit of knowledge is praise worthy yet learning can quickly lead to pride (a feeling of satisfaction) and a refusal to acknowledge any limits on mental abilities/possession of necessary skill or the power to do something). When that happens, the truth, the truth is ignored or rejected. Hear this: Proverbs 1 vs 7 says The FEAR of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge; only fools despise (to look down on with contempt).

My topic for writing for this week is on alcoholism. I considered it to be a practical advice. I also have concern or fear about the drinker at the steering wheel. Now alcohol is one of several factors which often in interaction (to act on) with each to cause accidents on the road. However, it has been found to be the largest single factor responsible for fatal road crashes. Most drivers, on the weekends, as an average, have excess alcohol in their blood. Drivers, teenagers and workers, let’s take this topic serious; the cost of drunken driving, I believe is in the millions varying from ambulances, hospital treatment, police inquiries and even loss of earning to the injured.

Hear this one as well and don’t take it lightly. The higher the blood concentration (intense mental application), the greater the risk of a severe or fatal crash. Let me also say this: Very high blood alcohol concentration are unlikely to be reached by others than alcoholic drivers. However, significant impairment (damage or weaken) performance brought about by factors such as interference with judgement and concentration, increases recklessness.

As I am about to close, I wish to point out that alcoholism is one of the outstanding causes of broken home  and psychologically disturbs children (relating to the mind or mental activity). It is one of the major diseases of our time. With this understanding of this condition has come the appreciation of the need for its prevention as well as treatment.

Workers (People), let me leave you with this question: Alcoholism-Is it a symptom or disease? My dictionary says a symptom is assign indicated the presence of an illness or disease, and a disease is an unhealthy condition in a person, animal or plant which is caused by bacteria or infection continue reading is educational.

*Note Well* When wealth is gone, little is lost when health is gone, something is lost but when character is gone, all is lost.

Thank you.