BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Friday 9th April 2021)- President of St. Kitts and Nevis Athletics (SKNA), Delwayne Delaney, in an interview with this media house, has outlined that track and field continues to find ways to thrive and survive during these new and uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
February to April is traditionally track and field season in St Kitts and Nevis. Our schools would have started heats and cross-country running in February ahead of their sports days. This is customarily followed by primary schools’ championships and the high schools’ interschool track and field championships along with the selection of a national team to participate in annual the CARIFTA Games. 
2021 has not been a normal year for many including St. Kitts and Nevis Athletics, the national co-ordinating body of track and field in the federation. 
Delaney spoke to the setbacks his association currently faces in the organisation of the sport. He said that as a result of COVID-19 related setbacks, “local track and field lovers have not been able to experience the glory of sport displayed by our athletes.”
He went out to recount how gate receipts and sponsorship assistance from the annual meets have not been available to the association and as such, there has been a significant decline in revenue. However, the SKNA continues unwaveringly to pursue the development of national track and field athletes.
Delaney outlined that all is not lost for the annual CARIFTA Games. The organisers of the regions premiere track and field event are looking forward to hosting the games in Bermuda this August.
When asked if there would be any scheduling or other conflicts with the delayed Olympic Games which as set for summer 2021, he gave assurance that the August window would be the best option and there would no conflicts. 
Delaney outlined that the SKNA has started hosting a number of Challenge Series for the development of athletes.
The challenge series, he said, “are improvements on the traditional development meets. Through the Challenge Series, athletes compete on a regular basis for points. We have seen great turnout to these events with average participation ranging between 80 and 100 athletes.”
The local athletics chief administrator went on to outline how the different challenge series, which were held in January and March 2021, have built enthusiasm in athletes despite the times. He said, “All track clubs participate in the Challenge Series. Each of the clubs are actively working with their athletes.”  
He went on to disclose that another Challenge Series event is on the cards for Sunday 11th  April at the National Kim Collins Stadium. 
According to him, the association is also feverishly planning to correct the situation where currently track fans are missing out on seeing our local athletes perform. 
 “In May and June, we will be hosting our premiere national junior and national senior events.  We want these events to be streamed live that the fans can enjoy local track and field,” Delaney said.  He disclosed that the national senior event is already slated for Sunday 13th  June. 
Delaney believes that the SKNA has what it takes to become a more robust and resilient organisation. He also holds the view that with the participation, support and overall understanding of the general public, local track and field will continue to rise.
“Times are unnormal yes but we continue to solicit the continued support of the public, as we work together for the benefit of track and field in Saint Kitts and Nevis.”
The SKNA is an association of ten local track and field clubs. Six clubs (the Outer Limits Track Club, the Extreme Velocity Track Club, the Pacesetters Track Club, the Fast Twitch Track Club, the Etonics Track Club, and the Trailblazers Track Club) are based on Saint Kitts. Three clubs (the A-1 Titans Track Club, the Gladiators Track Club, and the Over-the-Top Track Club) are based on Nevis. One club (the Elite Performance Track Club) represents national athlete normally residing abroad.