By: Joseph Jones

Workers (People) for next year by God’s grace promise to me that you are going to do it right as it relates to Occupational Safety and Health. Hear this: I am pleased too; to be able to bring to you very informative articles on the above subject.

The wrong things go up and the wrong things go down. For instance-Criticism, discouragement, disillusionment and boredom go up. Body weight, blood pressure, heart rate cholesterol go up.

Hello! Vital capacity, oxygen consumption, flexibility, stamina and strength go down.

Being an onlooker in the arena, living is also risky. Workers! We too are often guilty of tuning out. We don’t want to hear in the midst of scolding (rebuke) “Are you listening to me?” There is a need to review the state of Occupational Safety and Health in St. Kitts-Nevis, and in particular to assess the development of workers’ educational programmes again on the subject.

Some years ago, I attended an ILO/Danida Regional Workers Educational Project on Occupational Safety and Health and it provided the opportunity for me to monitor progress since that time, and that is why I write.

Before I close, let me make touch on the topic of noise once again in this week’s article. At times, the level of it will increase both at the workplace and outside of it. At work, this is due to automation (A method to control industrial processes) Why? Because the machinery has been made more efficient and work faster thus increasing the noise level. Not all sounds is noise; it is only the sounds that we do not like we call noise.

I am going to look here during the Christmas season how sound is produced and how it is distributed.

People, I wish to advise you to just listen and also establish what effect(s), it has on us, and what we can do to protect our hearing  when the sound levels get too high.

Excessive loud noise can damage  our hearing. It is not only hearing that can be affected  but also blood circulation which can lead to stress or tensionin the body.

We may find it difficult to sleep if we spend more than five (5) hours in this noise level.

Workers (people), as the year is coming to the end, another begins.

*NOTE WELL* If you pause to think then workers (people), you will find cause to thank.

Thank you for reading.