Workers (People), today, there is a constant flow of machinery, chemicals and processes from developed and developing countries.

Hello! This transfer of knowledge is not confined only to technology (the application of practical or mechanical science to industry or commerce) itself and my concern is provide information  in this paper on the  effect of the technology on Occupational Safety Health (OSH) and  the working lives of all those involved.

Workers! I hope you are hearing me and stop acting simple. The protection of us the workers against exposure to change radiation (the emission of energy as particle (tiny piece of matter) in the workplace has assumed increasing importance, and in my view, the growing number of work situations in which such radiation is found. So my regular OHS writing is intended to be a practical guide. It will be of interest to public authorities and services employers and workers.

Let’s move on a bit as I say something about unconsciousness (not “aware”) of one’s action or behaviour. Let’s use Head Injuries as an example. Any blow to the head heavy enough to cause a bruise or a scalp wound could also fracture the skull. Moreover, whether or not the skull is fractured, the blow could result in a condition of unconsciousness known as concussion (brain injury caused by blow or fall). Seriously, my mother always warned me to “avoid getting blows to the head.”

Also, concussion can result from indirect force such as falling from a height and landing heavily on your feet or by a direct blow to the jaw.

Hear this: I am now saying the time has come for you the motorcyclists, footballers, construction workers to see that head gears or hard hats are important please! Please to wear them especially you in St.Kitts-Nevis. The brain is in the head, it is the central exchange which controls the rest of the system. It is a delicate structure of mass nerves tissue and is encased (enclose or cover completely by the skull.

*Note Well* All I am saying these priorities must involve government authorities, factory inspectors, work managements and trade unions  in addition to various organisation which may involve with emergency planning. Don’t time in mourning; organise!

Continue to read. Thank you. Until next week.