Creating a Family in Football – SKNFA President


Johnson continued, “Just as we have the Gold Project 2 and 3, being the technical center, and we had Football House prior to that, we need to see a major infrastructural development on the island of Nevis that represents football. So, it is important that we ensure that it happens.”

Looking ahead, the SKNFA president believes Government should invest in football infrastructure, and from his perspective, it is going to take more dialogue on the matter.

Johnson said, “I think it will take continued dialogue and continuous success in football, because once success is attained, people will begin to see that we are a serious sport, not just in terms of winning game, but in terms of changing lives.”

By changing lives, he explained what he meant pointing to players who have gone abroad and returned with academic degrees. There are existing players pursuing academic degrees, as a result of scholarships they obtained through football. “Now, that is life changing,” President Johnson stated.

Additionally, he said, “We have players with professional contracts abroad, and we want to get a lot more. What that does is that it provides opportunities for the individuals concerned to support themselves and their families in the long term.”

He emphasized, “We are about changing lives – not just about winning a game.”

Press Release: The St. Kitts & Nevis Football Association