Revellers of ULTRA Carnival dance about with a fraco cart during Las’ Lap along the Bay Road (Spokesman Snap)

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 4th January 2019)- Jamming in three-peat champion mode as troupe of the year, a section of the ULTRA Carnival Sugar Rush took over a snow cone (commonly known as fraco) cart during the early hours of Las’ Lap for Sugar Mas 47 held on Wednesday 2nd January through the streets of Basseterre as curtain fell on the St.Kitts-Nevis National Carnival yearly production.

What was supposed to be a free treat giveaway to revellers-compliments ULTRA Carnival who paid the small business owner- turned into a ‘Let’s do it this way instead!’ party as the revellers danced about pulling the cart carnival-style while preparing the popular icy beverage for the other fellow revellers; shaving ice and pouring different flavours in creating a sugar rush kind of street jam.

The fraco cart party which kicked off at west Independence Square Street continued along the Bay Road until the beverage and ice were finished.

The Sugar Rush sections for day one grand parade were Fraco Fusion, Sweet Cane, Electronic Cotton Candy and Tangerine Bellini while revellers had options of Jolly Rancher, Juju Crush and Pineapple Ginger for the day two Las’Lap session.

Results for the recently concluded Sugar Mas 47, spotlighted ULTRA Carnival as a force to be reckoned with for yet another year.

The recaptured categories are as follows: Troupe of the Year –Sugar Rush (696.5 points), Queen of the Bands-Sweet Explosion featuring Iantavian Queeley (692.5 points), King of the Bands-King Sugar featuring Kajali Hanley (651.5 points) and Largest Troupe.

Notably, with the exception of Troupe of the Year, the other segments have been attained two years in a row.

Via its official fan page, ULTRA Carnival has credited team effort for the success in thanking its partners, designers, sponsors, revellers and entire ULTRA team in declaring that “This victory is team effort!”

For troupe of the year for Sugar Mas 47, first runner-up is Solid Mas Camp – Beauty Of Liamuiga (650.5 points) and 
second runner- up Fhunn Vybes – Jungle Rhythms (640 points).

Those two troupes also placed in those respective positions for the Queen of the Bands segments with Solid Mas Camp (first runner-up) at 650 points and Fhunn Vybes (second runner-up with 606 points.

In relation to the King of the Bands category, Banker Mas Camp placed first runner-up with 638.5 points followed by Fhunn Vybes in the second runner-up spot with 606.5 points.

Solid Mas Camp- Beauty Of Liamuiga was judged the Most Punctual Troupe.

The late popular Queen of the Bands reveller Paula Heyliger, a top partner of Solid Mas Camp passed away in December 2018 and so the troupe hit the streets in tribute to her.

In salute of her memory, for the street activity events for Sugar Mas 47, members of the various jam bands as well as DJs accompanying the different troupes- including her great niece well-known local DJ and radio personality Michelle ‘Sweet Sister Sensia’ Stokes- paused to observe a minute of silence while going about Fort Street where her (Heyliger’s) home is located.