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When Humpty Dumpty see dat de lady say dat he full a __it, he nearly tekeen.  He tell her dat she must remember dat is bang she bang water come here and if she don’t tekdung de post and apologise publicly, he gon put she business pon de part.

He tell her dat she better watch sheselfwid him.  He tell her dat some people did try to diss him and when he done busedem and tell demdatdeyainnuttenwidout him de clincher, everyone a dem  back dung.

He ask her if she ain see what he say bout Sam, Jean, Samal, Val Lindsay, Clecton, Terry, Dwyer and Wattley?  He ask her if she ain hear how he mash up de whole cabinet when dey wanted to hold candle a correction to him?  He tell her if she tink she bad, she will leave up de post.

When de lady realize dat Humpty Dumpty ain playing wid her, she tek dung de post quick, quick and beg him a million pardon and start to tek out she text on all who read de post and did agree wid her.

She so fraiddat Humpty Dumpty was gonput she business pon de road dat she tell him dat she not gon write two paragraph a good writemanship.  She gon write a whole epistle praising him and saying how sexy he gutswhat got een more waste dan a septic tank mek him look.

Dey say dat in she letter begging him pardon, she had to tell him dat is not she ex dat put her up to it.  Because he tell her dat he know de ISIS terrorist done tell de whole world how rearbin he be and dat anybody could ketch him wid food.

Humpty Dumpty did beg Mr Birdie to pay for a operation to mek he stomach small.  Das what mek he ask for watch and shoe.  Because when he wouldadone do de operation, he woulda able to see he foot demin de expensive shoes.

De bad wud minister fraid to go way because he hear dat Scotland Yard looking for him.  Dey say dat is he who Humpty Dumpty send to collect de shoes,de watch and and de money and he get a fancy ride dat he give to he next a kin to drive.

De bad wud minister so fraid Scotland Yard dat where he vehicle park in de night ain where he does sleep.  He say dat Humpty Dumpty done tell him not to travel for a while because Scotland Yard does divert plane when dey want somebody on it.

Dey say dat even Marco Polo dropping hewud on Humpty Dumpty.  Dey say datall de scripture he quoting is for Humpty Dumpty.  He say is grudge Humpty Dumpty grudge him because he name in de Bible too and he look better dan him in clothes.  Das what mek he want expensive shoes and watch to carry him off.

Humpty Dumpty tell de baby doctor dat is not he fault what mek he carn get back he big wuk in de hospital.  But he tell de baby doctor dat if he go back on de radio to complain and call he name again, he will see how barley grow.

Humpty Dumpty askOle Mother Hubbard if she ain notice dat from de time dey put up de traffic lights dem, everytingdatdey did  do in de dark coming out in de light.  He say dat he carn believe how people get to find out boutde watch and shoes and money.  Something not right.  Jumbie in de lights dem.