PHOTO: Konris ‘King Konris’ Maynard in entertainer’s mode during a past performance in the calypso arena

By: Precious Mills
BASSETERRE, St.Kitts– Opposition Parliamentarian 34-year-old Hon. Konris Maynard has selected his popular 2011 tune called ‘20/20’ as being the most appropriate when it comes to current state of affairs under the two-year-old Team Unity government led by Dr. Timothy Harris.

“20/20 is probably a good song because that talks about all the tribalism of politics and that we can’t continue like that. This thing for instance about PAM and Labour where there this political fight can’t be anymore. We can be of different backgrounds without being tribalistic to each other; there is no need for that.”

He made the disclosure during a recent exclusive chit-chat with this media house after being asked which of his songs best fit the current administration’s operation style.
Maynard continued: “So ‘20/20’ speaks about not waiting until the year 2020 to realise that which is just around the corner; the year 2020. We should realise it now but it seems as though we may only realise it in 2020. Maybe that is the year when we all would get 20/20 vision and realise that it is time to move beyond the petty partisan politics. Politics is necessary, opposition is necessary, more than one view point on any issue is necessary but we must reach to a point of maturity where we can discuss those differences honourably without disrespecting one another and giving everyone a fair chance to have their say.”
General Elections for St.Kitts-Nevis are constitutionally due every five years and is expected by the year 2020.

“Are we waiting blindly for 2020 before we see? Well we cannot wait around for 2020, We have to see, We need to see today” are some of the song lyrics.

Commenting on what his approach and thinking as a calypsonian is like now that he is inside of the political arena, Maynard pointed out:

“Well, obviously being a member of parliament, there might be certain limitations that you have now. You don’t have the liberty because you are now in a position where you can effect the change. Although we are opposition where that is limited, eventually one would hope that you can get into get into position where you can effect that change. So my advice that I would have given in song, I would not be able to just leave it there, I would have actually get it done and so I’m looking forward to when we’re in that position again where a number of these songs that I’ve sang that we can look at them and get them done.”

He went on to highlight that he has started the process of going through his catalogue of songs and referred to one that addresses the present topic of crime.

“..I’ve started the process of going through the catalogue of my songs and we were saying how appropriate some of them would be right now.”

“I hadn’t played the soca song ‘Walk Away’ for some time. It (the song) speaks about not being tempted by friends into doing something that you know you shouldn’t do and saying that you rather be a mama’s boy home than a real man residing in jail and that is something that is facing our young men; choices, whether to appear as a mama’s boy or to appear as bad boy and get yourself in trouble,” he added.

It was after such details were provided by Maynard that this reporter questioned him about the song most fitting the political climate.

He had also informed that he intends soon to share some of his song lyrics via social media and other outlets by pointing out “…that I still believe them and they are principles upon which I stand and which I hope to represent people.”