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By Drizel Hanley

Basseterre, St. Kitts- Scores of children are expected to take the streets to celebrate Guy Fawkes which is observed on November 5th each year.
Consequently, the police are asking the general public to be cautious and responsible when using the explosives associated with the annual celebration.
Speaking with a police source, this media house was informed that local authorities would maintain a heavy presence over the weekend leading up to Guy Fawkes Day.
Consequently, a call has been made to the public to act within the confines of the law and to be vigilant so as to prevent or mitigate accidents such as fires or individuals getting injured or burned.
The police source highlighted that when excitement is running high, it is often easy to forget simple safety precautions and so members of the public are reminded that children are more likely to get injured by fireworks than adults.
Hence, parents are encouraged to keep a close eye on children; keep children and observers at a safe distance and to never leave used fireworks laying around as they may still be ignited and can explode or cause a fire in a split second.
A stern warning was issued to anyone who unlawfully and intentionally damages essential infrastructure, as it is an offence and such behaviour will not be tolerated.
Although Guy Fawkes is an enjoyable time for many it is a bother to some therefore the authorities are asking the public to respect each other noting that everyone does not have the same likes or dislikes.
In addition, police are also reminding businesses desirous of importing explosives that they should first write to the relevant authorities and permission must be granted to do so.