BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 23rd July 2021) – “You have to get serious with your foods. Select the ones that nature creates.”
Such is public health advice offered by a Rastafarian and food truck entrepreneur, Sheldon of Lifespan Organic Vegan Food, who is encouraging members of the public to boost their immune system naturally by way of enabling the body to maintain a healthy pH balance in getting the right nutrients from alkaline foods.

He made the disclosure during a recent interview with this media house as he talked about eating the right type of foods so as to naturally boost one’s immune system for overall health.

Sheldon is of the view that: “A lot of people need to tap into that more; get involved with more alkaline food because alkaline means electricity. I’m saying this for the nation to understand- and you can do your own research-so change your food!”

He added: “I am just voicing my opinion on this. I’m just saying something that I know. You cannot inject any immunity in any human being; your body develops that naturally. You have to be careful of what you put into your mouth. Watch what you consume.”  

Fruits and vegetables included in the alkaline-promoting food group are coconut, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, kale, avocado and almond nuts.

Health and nutrition experts often encourage individuals to stay away from acidic content found in alcohol, soda and processed foods among other items and beverages.
A pH scale measures the alkaline or acidic value of foods with greater than 7 being alkaline and above being acid while 7 is neutral.