By: Joseph Jones

Workers (People), this is serious business. Give thanks to the St.Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union. To be envious does not meet our needs at this time.

Listen: Envy is rottenness. We can’t renew our minds by ourselves; it’s the transforming work of this organisation that help us at the workplaces (example: from a peasant economy to major industrial power). Thanks to them it’s the act of merging two or more things to become one workers! Do you hear how confident I am?

Speak up and become a member. Listen to me again: It hurts when one is bullied (persecute and no one will help. That often make bullies more brazen (bold) leading them to apply extreme force at the workplace. Their meanness worsens and it heightens the embarrassment, false shame and loneliness of the worker so it is imperative to speak up against the behavior of some managers and supervisors.

This is the voice of a courageous union.

Let me move on. Despite all precautions, some people can’t get their life in order because others keep messing it up even at the workplaces.

Some of us believe stinking up the surrounding with “garbage”. It is said that nothing outside can condemn or contaminate; only what’s inside, and so what I am saying is that the real attitude that causes us to turn up our nose at a big sniff while ignoring the stench.

Before I close, let me say something to you operators (drivers of trucks and other automotive equipment. Should you use any available helper when backing or making difficult turn or approaches,  hello!, it is the driver’s responsibility to call upon the helper for assistance for any special purpose when that is needed.  Helpers should always be assigned to trucks. Their duties include any and all reasonable help for safe and efficient operation of the job. And to you the driver (1) When parking, shut off motor and set hand brake before leaving vehicle. (2) Switch off engine when filling tank with gasoline (3) Use proper signals when slowing down, turning or stopping.

Thanking you.

*Note well* Our words have the power to build up or tear down.