By: Joseph Jones

Workers! It’s a number of years this Union (St.Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union) in its efforts in promoting Occupational Safety and Health, to my mind, it is a difficult hill but as you would be “aware”, people (workers) perceive a hill to be steeper than it really is especially if they are tired of carrying a heavy load. But I can say to you that THIS UNION IS NOT TIRED. When you are burdened and exhausted with problems that seem too big to handle, check them out. This is a fact that when encounter a trial in life, we are tempted to sit down at the workplace, home or at the base of the hill and stay there convinced that the grade is too steep.

That is why the Union is encouraging you to draw near. These articles are sweet words to my taste. Ewe are creatures with all kind of needs. Without air, water or food for instance we can’t go on living. In addition to these absolutely basic necessities, we have a host of others that must be met if we are to be healthy, safe and happy. But these needs are not just physical, emotional and social, they are also spiritual.

Before I close, allow me to say furthermore that the world has changed drastically but the battle still rages.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the St.Kitts-Nevis Trades & Labour Union, NO MATTER WHAT! It has and still is fighting for us the worker of the Federation in terms of stress, noise, chemicals, occupational accidents and diseases.

Hello! I will again touch on Body Ergonomics. What is that? Human Engineering- is a way of thinking and planning work so that it is organised to suit the abilities and needs of workers (people) doing it.

Let me hit it home now. Everybody is different. People are of different heights, they are built differently. Some people are stronger than others and their temperaments and ability to withstand physical stress and strains vary. These are basic facts that cannot be changed and we must use them as a basis for planning working environments.



Sex- refers to being either a male or female but in this article ‘sex’ is a health hazard. Mark you, it is not occupational but some people use it as a business and there is where stress and strain roll up on the back and brain. This is no laughing matter; take this very seriously. Again, the “awareness” must be there at all times.

*See below*

*Stress- To put in difficulties, subject to emphasis constraint and pressure.

*Strain* to stretch lightly, to exert to the utmost, to over task, to carry too far.

It is said that man or woman is as old as he or she feels. But the International Labour Organisation (ILO) says a man or woman is as old his or her BACK.

Until next week. Thank you.