By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 3rd August 2018)– Yesterday morning (Thursday), more than 10 employees of the popular Jewelry and watches store Diamonds International (St.Kitts branch)- accompanied by their general manager- conducted a clean-up operation along the coastal area of the New Guinea community within the vicinity of the boat yard of St.Kitts Marine Works Ltd.

Speaking with this reporter General Manager Naama Omy Amir, who hails from Israel and now starting her second year with the company gave an insight into the hands on drive in giving back to the community.

General Manager Naama Omy Amir at work (Spokesman Snap)

“I love St.Kitts. I love the people and I think that the community is very warm. We have a lot of locals working with us actually asking all the time what is the way that we can actually help so we decided now that …because high season it’s very hard because we are working with the ships but even in high season we would try to do at least once a month in the schools but right now we’re going to do every month something else so this is the beginning and it’s our first time.”

“Cleaning the beach I think it’s very important. I don’t blame the people actually in the way that it’s dirty,” she added while suggesting that more garbage bins be put in the area to encourage proper disposal of waste.

A local employee Kimoya (left) and a colleague are all smiles during the clean-up (Spokesman Snap)

The Diamonds International official, in light of the touristic economy of the Federation, talked about up always keeping the cleanness of the environment “because people always care which [country] is clean.

A community resident (who preferred to remain anonymous) stopped by the area out of curiosity. In chit-chatting with this reporter, he commended the company for taking the initiative in helping to clean the area.

He also shared that he normally visits the beach to relax.

Omy Amir indicated that the Jewelry and watches store might be the first company of that business nature to carry out a beach clean-up activity.

“In our business, I think we are the first one to do it so I hope that everybody else would follow and do it together. We can do it with other companies and we would love to because together we can do it; this is our slogan at Diamonds International actually [Together We Can Do It] that everybody together because one person is not enough only if we all gather and live in peace and do togetherness stuff then we can make a difference.”

She went on to point out that the company intends to partake in a community-involved activity every month and, in general, to be partnership with different hosted events on the island.

Workers cleaning up an area (Spokesman Snap)                    Omy Amir disclosed that Diamonds International St.Kitts will be contributing to the 9th annual St. Kitts Run and Family Walk put on by the St. Christopher Children’s Home in October.

As gathered by this media house, initially when the business place began seeking information about what beaches needed cleaning up on the island, information from the St.Kitts Tourism Authority indicated there were no dirty beaches.

Hence, the company had to seek an area to carry out its beach clean-up interest.

Waste collected in yesterday’s clean-up operation included plastic bottles, plastic bags and glass bottles.

After the waste was collected, the Diamonds International St. Kitts crew were able to place the filled trash bags in the  garbage collection space of the boat yard facility with permission granted by the company.

Workers pose for a photo after the work is done (Spokesman Snap)