Inside Scoop: July 14th 2017

  • People want to know if de container dem dat dey fixing up in de high school is to go Nevis for Culturama. De famalaay say dat he mek a ton load a money from Carnival and Idi Amin promise him another ton load for Culturama.


  • Even though no school going on in de high school, is government money dat replace back all de tool dem and equipment dem dat went missing from een de metal work and wood work shop.


  • Is Idi Amin who tell de people dem must meet for 13 minutes. He say dat he spiritualist tell him dat any time dey go past 13 minutes, de obeah not gonwuk.


  • Dey say dat de man say dat he never see bobol like dat in he life and he is a Trini. He say dat he looking for he Jesus.  He not looking for no jail.  He say dat if de pastor want go jail for Idi Amin, das a matter for him.


  • People in de know say dat de lady and de famalaay tell de man dat if he ain do what Idi Amin say, he will see how barley grow. Dey tell him dat he must remember dat is bang he bang water to come here.


  • De PAM royal family get to hear datdey planning to set Mable on de lady because a what she write on de Facebook. But dey send back a message to Idi Amin and tell him dat if he tink he bad, he could meddle dem. Dey tell him just one word and he will see how barley grow.


  • Walla Walla tell somebody dat it come like somebody put some more jumbie on he government. He say dat he tired defend dem.   And dey own lice biting dem de hardest.


  • He tell somebody dat through dey mek up lie bout Dubai dumping number two in St. Kitts and dey did open up de septic tank up by de primary school and never did care if somebody child did drop een, every time he look round, dey have a number two problem.


  • He say dat dey ain know what to do wid de number two from dung by de Gardens. It looking like dey might have to pump it out in de sea.  And he say dat dey might have to do de same ting for de number two dung by de post office too.  And he tell de person dat none a de minister dem tekking on nutten, not even de awful stench at de main entrance of JNF.  All a dem just looking after dey self and leffing him dere to defend dem.


  • Tings so back for Walla Walla dat he wex because de Boss look happy and Idi Amin mout all time push up. But somebody say dat is when dey in de closet.  Dey say dat de frilly mout deputy mout so.  De baggamout deputy mout so.  De massive fella mout so.  De fallen angel mout so.  And Walla Walla mout so too.