Inside Scoop


• Dey say dat is de same people who organise de Festival is de same people who have bar over Frigate Bay now. Das why dey donning de Festival early so dey place can get patronise. Because people want to know how come all in a suddenly dey care bout de vendors dem on de beach.

• People in de know say dat de frilly deputy say dat when de festival done late, he don’t get to spend enough quality time wid he people dem dat he bring from near and far. So he tell de closet ambassador dat if he want to borrow one a he people dem, he will have to done de festival early every night.

• People say dat for how de government treat all who was close to dem, de music man not suppose to surprise how dey treat him. All de government know how to do is to use people den throw dem a ghaut.

• People want to know if is true dat de frilly mout deputy and he friend dem start a company and das what mek dey get rid a de music man.

• People carn believe dat for how Humpty Dumpty use to try to discourage people from going Music Festival when he was wid Labour dat he one give way over a thousand free ticket to he people dem.

• Is long time Humpty Dumpty was trying to get de bad wud minister to run de first responder. But de bad wud minister never use to tek him on till Humpty Dumpty tell him dat he must member whey de expensive vehicle dat he offspring driving come from.

• People say dat de bad wud minister never want to do it because he say dat de first responder not busing him. But de news leak out dat after Humpty Dumpty threaten to stop de cement from coming, de bad wud minister run him quick, quick.

• Through dat, Humpty Dumpty planning to go to all who on board and tell dem dat if anyone a dem tink dat dey bad, dey will do what de first responder was doing. He say dat even though he do wuss dan what de first responder ever do, he not going to tolerate it at all.