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Ole Mother Hubbard tell a friend dat she and de rest a dem don’t know what else to do wid Humpty Dumpty.  She say dat if she never did invest so much in de campaign and trying to get it back through she big wuk, she woulda done do like de speaker and de press man and left him wid all he scandal and corruption.

She say datshe really did tell Humpty Dumpty to change he wardrobe because he use to dress worse dan Ms Whisky.  She never know dat is St. Kitts land he was giving way to get dem.

De street say dat de fancy jeep dat de bandit child a de minister driving he get it from Humpty Dumpty who get it from Mr Birdie.  Dey say datnone a demnever did expect anybody to find out.  So dey gon wait and see if Scotland Yard come ask demanyting and mekdemgive it back.

Is Ole Mother Hubbard who organise de secret meeting in Nevis.  Dey say is she set up boat and everyting.  But through Humpty Dumpty find out bout de meeting, she have to play like she ain know nuttenbout it.

She say dat she carn believe all dem Friday when she a march up and dung de place dat she woulda have to be defending Humpty Dumpty like dis.  And is only de third year.  She say is all kinda Epsom salts, purple lotion and blue soap she use to have to be soaking she foot dem into after de march dem and Humpty Dumpty betray her like dis.

She tell she pastor dat she never so shame in all she life.  And she say dat it ain she one.  She say dat all who was sitting dung by her in de meeting shame bad and she believe is dem Humpty Dumpty did mean was talking in bowly cup.

She say dat she ain know how much longer she can defend Humpty Dumpty.  She sinning she soul every day for him.  She tired lie for him.  Is scandal after sandal after scandal.  She say not even de MOP use to have so much scandal behind he name.

She say dat she carn believe how Humpty Dumpty tek a tun in all a de minister dem who Patriz rat out.  She say dat she wuk all over de world wid all kinda boss and she never meet anybody like Humpty Dumpty in all she 82 years on dis earth.

De QC tell somebody dat he never so shame in all he life as wid Humpty Dumpty conduct last Sunday.  He say dat de man is a disgrace.  A embarrassment.  He tell de person dat he never meet such a neager house man in all he life.

Dey say dat Humpty Dumpty trying to look sharp like de Boss in clothes.  Das why every time he go way he does bring back bout ten suit and ten pair a shoes to match.  Dey say dat is Ole Mother Hubbard who use to pick out he clothes for him but don’t care how he try, he still does look hook up.  So is Walla Walla who does pick out he clothes when he have to go out or go way.

De Marriott man say dat he not tekkingdemwud from Humpty Dumpty.  He say dat Humpty Dumpty forget how every night since 2013 he sending dung de fallen angel for free chicken, corn and potato salad.  Through dat, he stomach get a break from de seven dollar chineywid sauce.

De Marriott man say dat sometimes dey done close and Humpty Dumpty send say dat he hungry.  And dey have to open back up de kitchen just for him.  Now because he embarrass de whole country wid watch and shoes and dey say dat he have to go, he tink he have wud to give dem.

When Aunty hear what Humpty Dumpty say bout Uncle, she didn’t idle to send back de message.  She say dat after she done feed him morning, noon and night, he want to be busing Uncle.  She want to know if he forget is Uncle moneydat use to buy de shrimp and lobster dat he use to want to eat every day.  And he forget dat de first set a good clothes he get was from she brother dem.  She send tell him dat she pray him een and she gon pray him out and datshe never meet a man more ungrateful dan him.