By: Thinking Citizen

The Team Unity Government or the Government of “Nine Blind Mice” as it is generally called these days has made two major and miserable mistakes that have put an indelible black spot on the character and reputation of the party and the Government.

The two black spots are as follows, namely:

(1)   The secretive and clandestine approval that was given for the conduct of the Stem Cell Research at the JNF General Hospital and the subsequent victimisation of the then CMO Dr. Patrick Martin for simply doing his duty and

(2)   The abandonment for purely political reasons of the Basseterre High School at Victoria Road and the proposal to build  a brand new school on the site  of the Basseterre Aquifer.

The “Nine Blind Mice” Government gave permission for the conduct of Stem Cell Research without even letting Dr. Patrick Martin, the Chairman of the Medical Board know what was going on at the Hospital. Imagine that it is the same Government that is telling people that it is committed to Openness and Transparency. What hypocrisy!

The “Nine Blind Mice” Government also claims to be committed to the principle of “A Fair Share For All.” But Dr. Patrick Martin was the only doctor who was victimised. Was he given “A Fair Share”? It looks like rather than “A Fair Share:, he was given the dirty (Sh*tty) end of the stick.

It seems to most right thinking persons that the actions of the Government are clearly contradictory. First, the Government is urging every police officer to do his or her duty and secondly the government has punished Dr. Patrick Martin severely for doing his official duty. It is no wonder that crime is on the increase.

The indelible blot or stain on the character and reputation of the Team Unity Government lies in the fact that it is the only Government in the Eastern Caribbean that has ever punished a high-ranking Public Servant for doing his official duty.

Just as Dr. Timothy Harris and his gang have given Dr. Patrick Martin the dirty (sh*tty) end of the stick just so Dr. Timothy Harris and his gang are bent on giving the people of Basseterre dirty (sh*tty) water to drink by his determination to build the new Basseterre High School on the Basseterre Aquifer.

We all should take careful note of how Team Unity intends to repay us for putting the members of Team Unity in Government. The weight of the arguments insofar as the proposed Basseterre High School is concerned is that the proposed new school should not be built on the Basseterre Aquifer. Any further attempts to proceed with plans to build the new School on the Basseterre Aquifer would constitute nothing less than pure wickedness and viciousness. Regardless of what one might wish to say about Dr. Douglas, I say that he is  not the type of leader who would want to give his people dirty (sh*tty) water to drink.

With all that he say and she say and them say that is going around and around, the safest and best thing for the Team Unity Government to do is go back to using the old Basseterre High School on Victoria Road after appropriate measures have been taken. This will show above all things that Dr. Timothy Harris and his gang are truly concerned with safeguarding the health of the people.

Also, it is more than a matter of health however terribly important that it may be. It is also the wisest and best use of Government’s very scarce financial resources that matters as well.

Think of the money that would have to be spent to ensure that the construction of the new School on the proposed location does not contaminate the Basseterre Aquifer. There is still time for the Government to change its mind. It is better to be steadfast in the RIGHT than steadfast in the WRONG.