EXCLUSIVE NEWS-Konris Could Dust Off Song Book Soon

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts-In his 2007 hit tune called ‘Sleeping Tiger’, King Konris, the then 24-year-old calypsonian, sang about  consequences of waking a sleeping tiger, advising not to so.

PHOTO: Konris ‘King Konris’ Maynard in entertainer’s mode during a past performance in the calypso arena

Fast forward a decade later and Konris Maynard, the 34-year-old opposition parliamentarian of Constituency Three seems to be in a related state since continued complaints about the stifling of democracy levelled against the two-year Team Unity Government, headed by Dr. Timothy Harris, is pushing him to dust off his song book.

Notably, however, the lyrical tiger within the nation’s youngest parliamentarian is fully awake, outspoken and making observations like a watchdog as the musical content come to him.

“…The country is going to reach to a boiling point because they are trying to suppress the truth… ‘Don’t let Konris get up and talk in Parliament’ but it ain’t only Parliament I have a voice (but also in) my constituency, on Freedom(FM) and they better be careful I ain’t tek back out de song book because they will not suppress my voice; they will never do it.”

So said Maynard on Wednesday 12th July during an appearance on the Labour Party-sponsored ‘Issues’ programme on Freedom FM (106. 5). At the time, he was discussing being booted from the House of Assembly the day before (Tuesday) by Speaker Michael Perkins, two minutes shy of an adjournment.

In an exclusive follow-up chit-chat with this media house that same day, he (Maynard) revealed that he actually has themes and melodies working on which could be released in a few weeks if he wanted to.

“To be honest, I’ve been really thinking about it. I’ve been attuning my mind to the creative mode to put  somethings together because I think it is really time for me to  pull out the song book; I really think  the time has come.”

While speaking over the radio airwaves, Maynard talked about his experience at Tuesday’s Parliament session which adds to past encounters with Speaker Perkins.

The Speaker claimed “gross disrespect” on Maynard’s part.

“Every time Konris Maynard gets up to challenge what the Prime Minister has said, the Speaker feels that it is his mandate whether by instruction or by his  own intuition feels that ‘Boy I can’t allow Konris to talk’  so he is asking me to stop my presentation even before he  knows or hears what I’m going to say. He did it again yesterday as the House was wrapping up in adjournment, two minutes before the House was supposed to finish and because he perceived, he anticipated or thought that I was going to say something that was going to contradict what the Prime Minister said, he was asking me to take my seat and when you make a point about it, he is willing to throw you out of the House,” Maynard remarked.

According to him, people, regardless of their different political affiliations, are fed up.

“That type of democracy is not going to get us anywhere. That is why people on the streets are fed up. All type of people whether they support PAM, Labour or whoever, they are fed up because they thought that this group of men was going to be some aura, some Eldorado…”