After careful and deliberate consideration of the flurry of activities that is taking place in the federation, I am convinced that Timothy Harris and the rest of Team Unity are planning an early election.

Crime is out of control, and they do not have the faintest idea as to how to take even a bite out of crime. So since there are no millions of dollars in kickbacks to be made unless they are importing illegal weapons and illegal drugs, finding any real solutions to crime has been put way, way back on the back burner.

It seems as if they have determined that if they focus on traffic lights, bus terminals, second cruise piers and knocking down and rebuilding the West Street and Wellington Road apartments in two months’ time, nobody will care when the murders increase.
But even Dwyer recognised that something is up and asked about the cement company of a particular minister.

Trust me. Something going on.

And for those of us who understand how Team Unity works, we know that it is more than construction that is going on.

The company contracted to build the apartments went to a certain cement company where the cement of a particular minister was moved to from the Industrial Site.

The cement for the second pier, the bus terminals, the West Street houses all have particular distinguishing marks on them.

Muddoh with scandal!

Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay never heard of Team Unity.

Crime and criminality are their fingerprints.

And that is why Clecton Phillip is right. If our government ministers can be caught up in international crimes, how do we expect the youngsters to behave differently?

A man calling into ISSUES on Monday pointed out how happy he was that no one had been killed over the weekend.

Who would have thought that for how Timothy Harris and the rest of the Team Unity platform used to rant and rave about Douglas being responsible for crime, and that one crime was one crime too many, that these words would have ever been uttered under Timothy Harris’s watch?

And as I say Timothy Harris’s watch, perhaps I should also say Timothy Harris’s shoes.
That is why they are holding on to the diplomatic passport. That is why the “indecent haste”, the mad rush to start or complete as many projects as possible in the next six months.

Elections January or February 2019?

So Timothy Harris and Team Unity are not taking on any crime. They done try everything to no avail so they are focussing on diversions.

I can’t be vexed with them. If the only things working for them are the proposals and plans left by Douglas and Labour, then the only sensible move for the Team Unity cabal is to run with these very proposals and plans.

All their campaign promises that they tried to execute have all had some scandal associated with them.

If it were not for visionary Douglas and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Team Unity would have nothing to boast about.

The entire inner circle gone. Nothing to boast about.

Over ten resignations from their own within the first year. Nothing to boast about.
A weakened PAM since forming the government. Nothing to boast about.

A dictator. An abuser. An insulter.

Ask Sam. Ask Jean. Ask Samal. Ask Dwyer. Ask Big Lice. Ask Valentine Lindsay. Nothing to boast about.

A cabinet of unscrupulous ministers. Nothing to boast about.

So we all have to choose wisely this time around.

The excitement that a Timothy Harris-led coalition of all parties was to create never happened. The expectation of a brilliant intellectual brimming with ideas for a near paradise-like federation never materialised.

The Team Unity platform appeared so decent. Look at the Team Unity government now.
So we have seen them both.

And while Dr Douglas is by no means perfect, corruption wasn’t the order of the day.

Truth be told. The only minister involved in any questionable activities when Labour was in power is the same minister who is leading the pack in questionable activities in Team Unity. And he is leading the pack so well that none of them can hold a candle of correction to him.
Every day more and more disgruntled people are taking to the airwaves. The traffic lights and the high wooden fences around Labour’s projects are all part of the distraction.
I know 1st and 2ndTimothy. He is not going to have this ton load of activities then cool out to start another ton load of activities again.

It is obvious that elections are upon us.

After Timothy’s meeting on that Sunday, it is obvious that there is no unity in Team Unity.
It was an experiment that failed.

Our only choice now is Labour.