Dr. Drew Encourages Athletes To Say No To Violence, Yes To Upliftment

PHOTOS: Well-known community activist Dr. Drew interacts with participating teams of the sixth annual Community Football League during the opening ceremony held on Sunday 16th July at the St. Peter’s Playing Field.

BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS (WEDNESDAY 19th JULY, 2017) –Athletes gathered at the opening ceremony for the sixth annual Community Football League held on Sunday 16th July at the St. Peter’s Playing Field were encouraged by well-known community activist and sponsor of the League Dr. Terrance Drew, to focus on uplifting themselves, their families, communities and nation thus saying no to crime and violence.

“I want this League to help us to keep on the straight and narrow path to continue to do positive things. Let’s leave violence aside and let us build ourselves, our families and our communities. I want the principles of hard work and preparation and helping each other to be transitioned in your own life, your own community and your own country,” he stated.

The 2017 League, organised by St. Peter’s Football Club, features a total of ten (10) local teams including the defending champions Shadwell.

The other teams are: Uptown South, 5 Star, 6 Mil, Floss City, Douglas United, Top Stars, 3 West Ballers, Ambassadors and Dieppe Bay.

Dr. Drew, who is a medical doctor, also touched on the health aspect of being involved in Sports and other physical activities which aid fitness and general well-being.

“I want to say this Community League does the job of dealing with  chronic non-communicable diseases that is, blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension. I want you all to continue playing football and participate in physical activity until you cannot move anymore and that would ensure a healthy body which will help you to have a strong mind and therefore you can enjoy life even more.”

The footballers were also advised to pay attention to the principle of determination both on-field and off-field.

“Just like on the field of play, you fall down but you do not stay down –  you get up to challenge once again. I want you to take that principle to your own life that when you are knocked down, you will not stay down, you will get up and fight again.”

Dr. Drew expressed his delight in being able to renew his commitment to the league for yet another year.

He urged the teams to play in good spirit and declared “let the best team win!”