Staff of Diamonds International (St.Kitts) outside the Cardin Home

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Tuesday 18th December 2018)- Diamonds International (St.Kitts branch) recently continued its giving back to the community ways during a recent visit to the Cardin Home, which is a nursing home facility, located in St. Johnston’s Village in West Basseterre.

General Manager Naama Omy- Amir along with members of staff on the morning of Monday 10th December made a donation comprising of items such as can food, clothes, toiletries and laundry detergent. Staff members each personally contributed an item as part of the group’s collective presentation.

Residents of the Cardin Home are elderly people as well as others who are mentally and physically challenged.

Members of staff of the nursing home were on the receiving end of Diamond International goodies such as necklaces featuring stones like tanzanite and sapphire.

Diamonds International (St. Kitts) visits the Cardin Home

The day’s activities saw a somewhat Christmas mini indoor concert of carol singing with the musical accompaniment of a strummed guitar by local entertainer Herschel Browne who is a security officer at that popular jewelry and watches store located at Port Zante.

The residents also had a treat of cake and fruit juice in the merry atmosphere.

Speaking with this reporter immediately after the event, Omy-Amir had this to say: “I am very thrilled and I have tears in my eyes because when you look at the people enjoying …and not by the gifts we gave them but the guitar music and the singing and playing BINGO and they were participating, yelling excitedly and dancing and that was the best part for us and really. Everybody (the residents) said ‘Come again, come again’ and it really makes me emotional and still very excited. The BINGO, they loved it so much, it was supposed to be one winner but in the ended there were four winners.”

Each lucky winner got a gift bag of items which included sun glasses, a hat and a sapphire necklace.

“We enjoyed the visit the same as everybody else. We love it and that’s what we are doing it for. In our eyes, it was so emotional,” Omy-Amir added.

The group’s visit took place on the eve of the first time visit of the world’s biggest cruise ship called Symphony of the Seas which docked at Port Zante in Basseterre.

Although, it was a busy period for the management and staff, the outing to the Cardin Home was prioritised as explained by the Omy-Amir.

“We have so much preparations but we said no we’re gonna do it just before we prepare everything so we just came for a few hours  to make them happy,” she remarked during the media chit-chat.

A senior worker at the Cardin Home informed that management and staff are grateful for Diamonds International’s contribution.

Cardin Home, which observed its 90th anniversary in 2017, was opened in May 1927.