SKELEC Electricity Supply Interruption Schedule



Monday 24th June 2019 to Friday 28th June 2019

Monday 24th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Bayfords, Fountain, Green Acres, Gundo Field and Millikin  Lines Clearing Maintenance
Tuesday 25th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Challengers, Boyd’s, Ottley’s Level, Trinity and West Farm Estate Maintenance
Tuesday 25th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Frigate Bay Atlantic View Maintenance
Tuesday 25th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Lime Kiln  Maintenance
Wednesday 26th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Newton Ground Maintenance
Wednesday 26th June 2019 9:00am to 2:00pm Needmust Estate, School Meals and Wellington island main road Needmust Maintenance
Wednesday 26th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Bayfords, Fountain, Green Acres, Gundo Field and Millikin Lines Clearing Maintenance
Thursday 27th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Cayon Village Lines Clearing Maintenance
Thursday 27thJune 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Frigate Bay Seymour area Maintenance
Friday 28th June 2019 9:00am to 12:00pm Keys Village Maintenance
Friday 28th June 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Upper and Lower Monkey Hill Stapleton Village and Carib- Festa Housing Lines Clearing Maintenance

Over $100,000 in prize money and awards for Super Six Playoffs

The official logo for the Super Six playoffs.

The Inaugural SKNFA Super Six Playoffs is poised to be very lucrative for teams in the competition. In a letter to member clubs, the SKNFA announced that it has approved over $EC 100,000 in prize money and awards. The top four teams receiving:

  • Winner – $50,000.00 with trophy and medals
  • 2nd Place – $20,000.00 with medals
  • 3rd Place – $8,000.00 with medals
  • 4th Place – $6,000.00

General Secretary of the SKNFA Stanley Jacobs in a previous interview said that the Super Six Playoffs will benefit the teams and players. “The Super Six is a much more lucrative tournament. For the clubs it will be more lucrative…there will be a lot of incentives for the players. I think it is going to be very exciting. When all is said and done I think everybody is going to be very happy,” Mr. Jacobs said.

A new feature for the Super 6 Playoff will be a Man-of-the-Match award of US$200.00 for each match of the Super 6. The increased prize money is part of the SKNFA’s vision to provide more resources and support for football at the club level. Over the past two years, the SKNFA has introduced a Sports Injury Insurance Scheme for players and a Club Financial Assistance Programme. Through the Club Assistance Programme, Premier League Clubs and Division One Clubs are eligible to receive EC$5,000.00 and EC$2,500.00, respectively, to assist in covering cost associated with the daily operation of the clubs. In total, these initiative provide in excess of three hundred thousand Eastern Caribbean Dollars to SKNFA Member clubs.

The SKNFA said in the letter to the clubs that it wishes to assure sponsors, partners, patrons, member clubs and other stakeholders that we are fully committed to ensuring that final stage of the National Bank Premier League is concluded in a timely manner. July 27th is the tentative date set for the start of the Super Six Playoffs. “There is a lot of anticipation; it’s a brand new competition. Persons are still looking to see what to expect but from the SKNFA we can promise you it’s going to be one of the biggest local sporting events and so we are going to do our best to make sure we put on a very good event,” Jacobs added in the interview.

Netball Official Explains SKN No- Show At International Tournament

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 21st June 2019) “We are not saying that there is no fault on St.Kitts-Nevis Netball Association but proper consultation, times and deadline period to adapt to the inaugural change was not given so [countries] like St.Kitts and Nevis we were not able to adapt in a timely manner in order for us to participate in the tournament.”

This was a summed up explanation given by association President Dion French at a press conference held on Tuesday 18th June at the Pam Tyson Netball Complex in Warner Park , providing details as to why the islands of the Federation have been unable to participate individually and as a national squad in the inaugural OECS/ECCB International Netball Series which climaxes tomorrow (Saturday) in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The St.Kitts and Nevis Netball Association, this year will not be fielding a team to participate in this event in this inaugural league. This is due to several matters that arose during the process and inception and the change of the league. Previously, the league was known as the OECS/ECCB Under 23 Netball Tournament. A series of events transpired that has led the St.Kitts and Nevis Netball Association not to field the team this year,” he explained.

Last year’s tournament was held in St.Kitts and the host country took second place.

French continued: “This year the tournament has changed and during the process of the change, many countries such as St. Kitts and Nevis were unable to attend because as I stated it’s an international series and it is under the INF which is the International Netball Federation.”

“One of the requirement was that each team or country that is participating should be an INF member. Another incident which occurred was that St.Kitts would normally participate as St.Kitts and Nevis participate as Nevis. We saw that last year in the tournament. One of the conditions this year was that we have to come as St.Kitts and Nevis and not individual countries,” he added.

According to him, “most countries were unaware that the tournament had been rebranded and just in the last week, we were aware that there was no age limit for the tournament because St. Kitts was practicing a youth 23 squad and last week Thursday, we were aware that it is not a youth 23 tournament but an open tournament. Several matter bedsides that arose whereas many countries expressed their concern with how the tournament was changed. There was no consultation, there was no time given and so several countries were at a disadvantage.” 

French outlined that whereas last year’s tournament had seven teams participating there are only five teams participating this time around.

He made it clear that relative to St.Kitts-Nevis, there was no issue with support from government, no financial challenges nor lack of support from the St.Kitts-Nevis Olympic Committee (SKNOC) in this matter.

Asked by this media house about the preparation for the tournament, he informed that: “We knew that the tournament was coming up…Our preparations started since January. We were preparing an under 23 team. Let us just imagine that we are preparing an under 23 team and a week before our young ladies are scheduled to leave we were told that it is an open.”

He said that a meeting was held in an attempt to change the composition of the team.

“We met on the 1st of June when we got the information and we still had intention of travelling so we called in some of our players who are over the age of 23 and we know that they could make the team. That was our next step.”

Commenting on the emotional state of the netballers, he highlighted: “The state of the players as expected, they are disappointed because here is it that they’ve been practicing four four, five months and to be told that they will not be participating.”

 Vice President of the St.Kitts Netball Association Hilarene Blanchette thanked all who came onboard to assist the team during its preparation stage.

“I know the girls were disappointed but after they realized that the St.Kitts Netball Association could not do anything on its own, they all understood, and I would like to say thanks to those who in any way sponsored us…We had a good tournament this year and the girls were eager to go and display what they were trained for over the past month. They were really hyped…they were geared up this year to take the first place trophy but never mind, we will come back next year; the tournament will be in Antigua and everything will be in order and so I know we are going out there for the championship next year.”

More details to be provided in a follow-up report pertaining to the combination of athletes from both St.Kitts and Nevis as a national squad.

President of the St.Kitts-Nevis Netball Association Dion French (Right) and Vice President of the St.Kitts Netball Association Hilarene Blanchette at this week’s press conference (Spokesman Snap)

Mother, Daughter Convicted Of Money Theft Crimes

Serene Phillip (Police Photo)

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 21st June 2019)- Following a court appearance this week, a mother and daughter have been convicted on fourteen (14) out of sixteen (16) charges relating to money theft, stemming from offences committed between January 2009 and May 2014. 

Serene and Angelina Phillip of Upper Monkey Hill, St. Peter’s are currently behind bars and are scheduled to be sentenced later this year.

Serene was convicted of stealing in excess of EC$700,000.00 while her mom Angelina Phillip was convicted for receiving in excess of EC$50,000.00 on Wednesday 19th June.

A July 2014 police press release which addressed the formal arrest and charge of the two, disclosed that Serene’s offences were committed at SOL EC Ltd. As understood by this media house, she was employed as an accounts clerk.

The daughter is believed to be in her mid to late 30s and her mother in her 50s to early 60s.

At court that day, Serene was found guilty on five (5) counts of Larceny, five (5) counts of Embezzlement, one (1) count of receiving property on a forged document and not guilty on two (2) counts of Embezzlement and Angelina was found guilty on three (3) counts of receiving stolen money.

Both women- remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison- are awaiting sentencing on Friday 2nd August 2019.

The mother-daughter pair were represented by Attorneys Chesley Hamilton and Vadeesha John in the case presented by the Director of Public Prosecution, Valston Graham who was assisted by Crown Counsels Greatess Gordon and Teshaun Vasquez.

Autopsy: Gregory Did Not Burn To Death

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 21st June 2019) – Cleveland ‘Gregory’ Collins, 64, did not burn to death in last week’s shop fire in St.Peter’s.

This comes in accordance with details shared by a relative following an autopsy performed earlier this week which revealed that he died from smoke inhalation.

Asked about the burn to the body, it was revealed that the deceased can be particularly recognised by the jaw area where he previously had surgery.

It is understood, that while family members and other loved ones are grieving, the fact that he did not perish in the flames is somewhat of a soothing thought during this time of grief.

On Monday 17th June, a candle light vigil was conducted with a procession from Collin’s home in Gillard’s Meadow to the site where the deadly fire happened at Douglas Estate.

One of Collin’s well-known brother called ‘Nature Man’ thanked those in attendance for their support.

He shared that ‘Gregory’ was a nickname given to him out of his admiration of the late well-known Jamaican Reggae icon Gregory Isaac- the artiste behind hits like ‘Night Nurse’ and ‘Rumors’.

“Gregory was not born and christened Gregory; Gregory was given to him by the people and he accepted it because his pattern was Gregory Isaac who we all know was the cool ruler and because Gregory loved him and patterned him so much, he ended up actually looking like him; he even walked like him.”

Gregory Isaac’s popular tune called ‘Sad To Know That You Are Leaving’ was sung by attendees during the candle light service.

Touching on the “very good guy” quality of his deceased, Nature Man told the gathering: “ We give all the thanks to everybody…so everybody who gives us the strength and the energy to move forward, we accept it greatly and we’re glad that you all could take the time out and be here.”

Community resident Dr. Terrance Drew pointed out that Gregory’s life example “is how we should live as a community.”

“My impression of Gregory is that he was always a very humble person. He was extremely kind, honest and respectful, and most of the time when you engage him in conversation, you know that Gregory was enjoying life and so I want to say that he enjoyed life up to the minutes that he could have enjoyed life.”

Dr. Drew stated that the circumstances of his loss is “very unfortunate” whilst noting “It is not how we leave but how we live and Gregory set an example of how we should live with honesty, respect and kindness. He was not a rich person, he did not have all the degrees on the wall but if you look here today, you’ll quickly recognise that those things are not the most important thing in life; it is how you deal with your fellow man by expressing love, kindness, respect and so forth that of course draw people to you, and so Gregory was an example of how we should live.”

In speaking directly to Collin’s relatives, he commented: “You had an excellent family member. He infected a lot of people with the good qualities and that is why the people are here tonight.”

ReverendCanonDwane Cassius of the St. George’s Anglican Church, during his remarks told: “We’re here because he meant something to all of us; to different people in different ways but the point is he meant something to everybody and so we come here to remember him and we want to give God thanks for blessing our lives with his life and we pray that in some way he would help to make us better people and we would have helped to make him a better person as well.”

A neighbor reflected on Gregory’s friendly welcome to her when she first moved into the community and how he kept a watchful eye in seeing to the safe entry to her home after working late night shifts.

That night of the candle light service featured a karaoke session as many attendees paid tribute to Gregory through songs by Gregory Isaac.

On Thursday 13th June, police received a report of a fire at All B’s Bar at Douglas Estate-owned by Germaine Brookes- at approximately 3:00 AM and responded. Additionally, the Fire and Rescue Services team was summoned to the scene to extinguish the flames whereby Collin’s body was discovered in the establishment lying motionless on the floor.

Collin’s funeral service is slated to take place on Monday 1st July at the St. George’s Anglican Church on Cayon Street.

PPP wants elections in two months

Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo

Georgetown, Guyana, June 19, 2019 (Guyana Chronicle): DESPITE the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) stating that its earliest possible date for the holding elections is November, Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, hours after the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that the no-confidence motion was validly passed, made calls for elections to be held within two to three months.

He told a news conference, at his Church Street office, that the incumbent government is on borrowed time and brushed aside President David Granger’s statement that on Tuesday, that elections will be held in November based on GECOM’s latest advice following the completion of house-to-house registration. Jagdeo affirmed that given the current circumstances, relative to the no-confidence motion, President Granger is not in possession of the legal powers allowed by the constitution, to call elections at any time.

“If it is a normal situation, then the President is empowered within the five years that he is elected to serve to call elections at any time and dissolve the parliament by proclamation….when you have a no- confidence motion that has been declared validly passed today, the no-confidence motion takes away that discretion from the President, he cannot determine when he holds elections again, he has to follow the rule,” Jagdeo said, which would have been in March; three months after the motion was passed.

Jagdeo said that elections should be called within two to three months, even after GECOM previously stated that November is within a practical time frame, for elections to be called.

“The principle is that elections should be held tomorrow, the practicality is two to three months,” the opposition leader said, adding that he is open to engaging the President on the processes that will expedite the holding of elections, which include consideration of a new GECOM Chairman, since the CCJ also ruled that Justice James Patterson was unconstitutionally appointed by President Granger.

While People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Attorney, Douglas Mendes, previously beseeched the CCJ to have Justice Patterson remain in office, to allow for the holding of early elections, the party’s general secretary, on Tuesday, said that Patterson should vacate the office and he is willing to meet with the President earliest, for consideration of the appointment of a new chairman.

While hoping for elections to be held no later than September, Jagdeo said that the PPP will be going into full elections mode from today. He also changed his position on the PPP supporters taking to the streets following the no-confidence ruling being in their favour and said that now is not the time for gloating and triumphalist behaviour, but to focus on ensuring that early elections are called. The opposition leader said Tuesday’s ruling is not a victory for the PPP, but one for Guyana. He said that government is illegal and should only act in the capacity as care taker of the state.

However, according to Article 106 (7): “Notwithstanding its defeat, the government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall, by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the elections.

” Attorney General, Basil Williams, had argued that the Constitution does not provide for the “immediate” resignation of Cabinet, saying such a move would cripple the government’s ability to finance the holding of elections by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) or provide critical services to the people of Guyana. The attorney general said, while Article 106 (6) of the Constitution provides for the resignation of Cabinet, including the President, if the government is defeated in a vote of confidence, it did not specify a time. He argued that timeframes were only provided in Article 106 (7).

Tourist Dies On Vacation With Girlfriend; Enjoyed Travelling

Deceased: James Edward Beattie (Photo source:

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.KITTS ( Tuesday 18th June 2019)–Investigations into the death of an American male tourist who died on a recent hike has revealed that he had breathing issues, and this media house has discovered that the individual who tried to get help was his girlfriend.

Reportedly, resident Pathologist Dr. Adrian Nunez Quintana performed a post mortem examination on the body of 42-year-old James Beattie of the USA on Friday 7th June.

The media has been informed that after completing the examination, it was determined that Beattie’s cause of death was due to decompensated chronic cor pulmonale multi-focal bilateral bronchopneumonia and chronic obstruction pulmonary disease.

Information sourced from obituaries section highlights that the Beattie enjoyed hiking and travelling.

 “James Edward Beattie, 42, died suddenly while on vacation in St. Kitts with the love of his life Emily Goodyear. Jim lived in Louisville, Kentucky since the fall of 2018. He was employed by CAPTURE HIGHER ED. He was born and raised in Grafton, New York and graduated from Berlin Jr./Sr. High School. He moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and lived there for 16 years. Jim enjoyed life to the fullest with hiking, biking, gardening and traveling. He totally enjoyed being the vice-president of the SILVERSPOON CLUB. Jim leaves behind the love of his life, Emily Goodyear; parents Deb and Jim Beattie of Punta Gorda, Florida; two sisters Jess Beattie and Jamie (Eric) Rodford and two nieces Emma and Erica Rodford of Troy, New York, along with many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends,” the write-up shared.

Individuals have been advised that donations may be made in his memory to The American Lung Association.

Beattie was discovered dead on Tuesday 4th June after going about a hike with Goodyear who hails from England.

Police along with Fire and Rescue Services and the Defence Force conducted a search for two persons who were reported lost in the White Gate area while hiking to Mount Liamuiga.

Investigations revealed that Beattie and Goodyear went on that outing at about 4:00 PM. 

According to the local authorities, Beattie fell ill and Goodyear left to get help and lost her way. The search team found Goodyear who then guided them in the direction of Beattie. He was found lying motionless along the hiking trail.

Reportedly, the District Medical Examiner arrived on scene, examined the body and pronounced him dead. 

Former Wanted Man Is Ex-Soldier

Jahvon Mills (Police Photo)

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 17th June 2019) – This media house has learnt that the young man who was recently located by police after being on the run for a day is a former member of the St.Kitts-Nevis Defense Force.

The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force on Tuesday 11th June issued a wanted bulletin.

30-year-old Jahvon Mills of St. Peters was captured the following day after escaping lawful custody.

The local authorities have extended appreciation to the media for assisting in disseminating the information and as well as members of the public for their assistance.

Public Urged To Keep Properly Informed During Disasters

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 17th June 2019) – Chief Executive Officer of Vh Communication and Marketing Agency Val Henry-who is a media professional- is advising members of the public to always stay in touch with main stream media such as newspapers and radio for information regarding disasters including hurricanes.

“The best advice that I can give to anybody especially when it comes to a disaster is to stay in touch with your main stream media for credible, reliable information because that is going to be the main source of information flow from a national agency like NEMA [National Emergency Management Agency]to the public.”

He was at the time responding to a question posed by this media house following a recent one day stakeholders meeting conducted at NEMA Headquarters located at Lime Kiln in Basseterre, hosted by NEMA in collaboration with St.Kitts-Nevis Information Services (SKNIS) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/ The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).

Henry continued: “ It doesn’t mean you must discount entirely social media but what it means is that you have to be extremely careful to sift rumours, fictitious stories, malicious intent by people as opposed to what is real and unfortunately too much of it we are seeing on Facebook and other social media platforms where information is being disseminated that is just blatantly wrong as some people like to say fake news, that is a term I don’t like to use but you don’t normally have fake news in mainstream media, you might have a misrepresentation or somebody may wrongly quote something but it is the intent, the intent of many social media players to present fake news to mislead the public to create chaos and to create confusion so in times of disasters, it is more important…to rely on  mainstream media-radio station, newspapers, television and online news and sources as well when it comes to these things.”

He has informed media workers that generally speaking the media has an important role to play when it comes to management of disasters regarding information sharing to the public and all the different publics and stakeholder groups.

Additionally, Henry pointed out that the media is also very important when it comes to mobilising a community whether it’s through disaster relief or for taking information regarding how a disaster is impacting the community.

“For instance, when we have hurricanes, one of the important roles that a radio station would play would have people calling from all over saying what is happening in their districts so that provides the ears and eyes around the country and national community for an agency like NEMA…” whether electricity poles are down, water is out, ghauts are running and where help is needed.

According to him: “The role of the media is an extended arm of NEMA to sensitize the public to make them aware and the other way around, to take information from the public that could be shared to stakeholder groups like NEMA. This is just the beginning in terms of what NEMA is trying to do in bridging the gap of partnership between an important agency and the fourth estate of any country-the media- when it comes to disaster management.”

Henry is encouraging the media workers to produce more content “in terms of disaster not only June to November as we tend to do but that we keep sensitizing the people and making the public more aware with more stories, articles about what is happening an different types of disasters.

He highlighted that disasters are not It’s not just hurricane whilst adding that “NEMA has been trying to do a lot of done a lot of work in terms of tsunamis…and earthquakes. We all live in prone areas. I live in an area in Frigate Bay where it is prone for tsunamis and all sort of activities so it’s something that we all as stakeholders and national community have to be aware of so my takeaway is that I have great prospects for enhanced partnership between the media and NEMA.”

Community Remembers Respected Resident Who Died In Shop Fire

Cleveland Collins better known as Gregory

By: Precious Mills

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Saturday 15th June 2019)-A positive-minded person, helpful, humourous and full of vibes are among the qualities in remembrance of man whose community, relatives and other loved ones are still trying to come to grips with his death in the aftermath of a shop fire in St. Peter’s early Thursday morning this week which has seen a locally owned business place burnt to the ground. 

Dead is 64-year-old Cleveland Collins, a well-known Rastafarian better known Gregory. 

Police received a report of a fire at All B’s Bar at Douglas Estate-owned by Germaine Brookes- at approximately 3:00 AM and responded. Additionally, the Fire and Rescue Services team was summoned to the scene to extinguish the flames whereby Collin’s body was discovered in the establishment lying motionless on the floor.

A grief-stricken relative is comforted by her loved ones (Spokesman Snap)

That two-section business place housed an eatery and a mini mart. 
At the scene that morning, a grief-stricken female relative became overwhelmed with emotions at the sight of Collin’s remains being taken away from the charred building by workers from the Liamuiga Funeral Home.This media house has spoken with a few of the community residents. Here is what they had to say: 

Ras J

 “I feel hurt knowing that he was a good man around and we could ask him for favours and that man would do anything for anybody; never could pass you and not say a word so right now I just feel hurt that’s all I could say but I just it wasn’t how it is; how it is, it’s just part of life. I will remember him most for him hail ups, his greetings, his vibes- that’s him. Always an upful person that’s what I’ll remember about him. He was a good man. A man who I could never have a dull day around. You and him could have an argument and before de hour you an him good again. That’s the kind of man he is. 

Sincere condolences to all his family members and all the friends and all who love him that he has gone but he ain’t going be missing out we thoughts…I just wish he was here. I’m sorry it had to go that way. So to the family, to the community, friends and even foes- one love. 

He was a man who helped Germaine out in many situations and any situation so I could see where she might feel it as much the family or more because he was like a brother  to her still so I wish her all the best still  in the future for her to get back the shop because I’m willing to help anytime  but I can’t bring back Gregory and that the most important part because we could build back the shop and get back more stuff and so but we can’t get back a next Gregory, you know what I mean?” 


“Gregory was a nice guy. He never passed me anywhere; he always called me ‘Daughta’. That’s what I’ll remember him by and whenever I go to the shop, he would greet me like that and ask me how I’m doing  and he always asked if mom was ok and how is the kids and what’s not. He was really nice and he’s going to be missed. He was a helpful guy. It is a tragedy and we’re really going to miss him.” 


“He just had an upful spirit; always had upful energy and full of vibes; like there was never a dull moment when he was around. It’s just sad to see him go out like that; such a good man to go out in such a way. It’s heartbreaking.” 

A candle light vigil is scheduled to take place in Monday 17th June. 

A brother of the deceased who is slated to do an interview with this media house shared, “I’ll tell you why we call him Gregory. 

Knowing that many individuals have been expressing kind sentiments, he commented “Well, you know Gregory was everybody friend.”