BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 19th July 2019)- In 2017, he first took to the street with a placard followed by a series of media interviews in 2018 but this time around, businessman Wilmoth Doyling of Challengers Villagers has stepped up his protesting ways having organised a public meeting to take place in Basseterre next week.

This media house had an exclusive follow-up interview to a November 2018 chit-chat with the well-known heavy equipment operator and manager of Doyling Backhoe and Trucking Services who informed that to date he has sold one of his trucks he owned for over 10 years and is currently in the process of selling a backhoe-his most “valuable asset”- that he bought in 2016 in light of the ongoing matter relating to his turned sour work relationship with the government’s National Housing Corporation (NHC).

 “It has been over two years ago and nobody even look into my situation to say nothing to me. I made the demonstration since 2017. I went on the radio last year and up to now nobody come to me wanting to know what my problem is or what is the situation so I just decided to have a public meeting and to tell the public my story because they (those in authority) are treating me like I’m nobody, like I don’t exist so I’m going to bring my story to the general public and let the public know my story.”

Showing a permission letter signed by the Acting Police Commissioner Hilroy Brandy, that public meeting event is slated to take place on Friday 26th July on Bank Street from 4PM to 10PM. Doyling’s request was made on Monday 8th July.

“I have a lot to say. Just listen me; give me an ear. Come on out and hear my story. I ain’t going there to slander anyone, I just going there to talk the truth. I know the truth hurts sometimes but the truth can’t change. What I have to say will take about an hour, and an hour and half,” Doyling said by way of encouraging individuals to attend.

Doyling indicated that his decision to hold a public meeting was not an overnight one as he thought about it for “a long time; over a year” and remains unsatisfied that his continued outreach to those in authority has not gotten proper attention.

“They are treating me like I’m nobody. I made a decision because I really feel hurt but I made the decision that I have to do what I have to do,” he noted.

As gathered, during such time period in thinking about putting on public meeting, Doyling contacted the Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and Premier Mark Brantley in trying to further address his situation.

“I went to the Prime Minister already. I went to the Premier already so I just decided that if you went to the top and come down, it doesn’t make sense to go to nobody lower than them.”

He recalled talking to his Parliamentary Representative of Constituency Four Lindsay Grant of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), the Tourism Minister, on the Friday of the 2017 St.Kitts Music Festival week while he protested outside Government Headquarters on Church Street.

His placard called for the attention of “Members and friends of the People’s Action Movement and Team Unity.”

Reflecting on that conversation, Doyling claimed: “He [Grant] came there the morning and he say to me ‘Wha going on?’ and I say ‘I cool’. He said ‘Why it had to lead to this?’ so I said to him ‘What nonsense you telling me? I tried to reach out to you Monday before I made this demonstration Mr. Grant and you told me that you don’t have no time for me that week’.”

 “… but the same Friday, he came there and he find time…” he said to this reporter.

Commenting on whether he believes that he has exhausted all communication efforts with those in authority, Doyling responded: “Well, yes because I feel like after two years and nobody communicate with me to say send somebody to find out what is the problem or whatever, it appears like they take the matter making it vexation; everybody like they get vex and decided ‘Well let we just push he aside’.”

He continued: “None of them talk to me since I went on the radio last year. Well, I don’t know if any of them made any comments about what I said; I never hear anybody that they (those in authority) said this or say that so I don’t know.”

When asked what keeps him motivated to push on in this matter, Doyling had this to say: “To see how over the years to see I support them, been there for them not just word of mouth but someone who put their hand in their pocket to support them. They might not have liked what I said but none of them come and ask ‘What is your issue? Come let us see if we can talk’. None of them in the PAM party say let us meet him at his level. If you don’t want to speak to me then let somebody around you come and speak to me; find out what going out and see if we can work something out but none of them decide to do that. I’ve been struggling for the past four years when I say struggling I mean really really struggling and to see that I support them; I support them. Hmph!”

“I support them and to see them treating me like that; that is not enough to motivate me? That is enough. I ain’t want nothing else but to be motivated by that,” he added.