BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Friday 6th September 2019) – Eustacia Morton, a 20-year-old female from St.Kitts-Nevis, who is currently attending university in the US, has launched a feminine hygiene care brand called Nat’ral Luxuries described to be 100% natural.

“It’s all natural products made with selected herbs to help cure and heal the vagina naturally. We the products goddess bar, feminine wash and also detox pearls.We also plan to come out with different products along the way. Most of our products is for yeast infection, vagina viruses and even people with fibroids which is for the detox pearls and it also helps with vagina wetness, like natural feminine issues,” she revealed during an exclusive interview with this reporter at a recent pop-up-shop on Fort Street.

Entrepreneur Eustacia Morton (left) seen with her assistance Vikell Edwards-Douglas (aback right side) and her friend Caylin Stapleton at the pop-up-shop for the Nat’ral Luxuries product line (Spokesman Snap)

Product ingredients include aloe vera, essential oils, coconut oil and cocoa butter oils.

Commenting on what motivated her to come up with the product line, she shared: “I was inspired because I realised that young teenagers and women like myself have issues with yeast infection especially like how we have hot climate in S.Kitts-Nevis, and I also realise that most of them don’t know how to take care of their vagina so I did some research and found herbs because we believe that the power of healing is in the environment. It’s been going really good; I really want to focus on natural products because chemicals do not belong on or in your vagina.”

The items are produced in Miami at her school Florida International University where she is a third year student studying Biology and Agriculture.  The product line was launched in December 2018.

“Along the way, I plan to go to medical school to become a doctor but a herbalist because I don’t want to deal with the pills and so forth,” she said. 

Morton’s  male assistance Vikell Edwards-Douglas talked about the product sold the fastest that day.

“We started at 11am today and we had 60 pearls and the pearls were the first to finish because persons would have been hearing about the buzz about the pearls and how amazing they work from. The pearls are an inside cleanser for the vagina and they clean the vagina and the womb. What they do is they get rid of dry skin, dead cells, blood clots and mucus and it cleans it out. Additionally, for those of you who have issues conceiving and what’s not, it also helps in that area. The products give the vagina a natural scent not a sweet scent…” he informed.

Quizzed about the most popular item, Morton remarked: “I would say the most popular product is the goddess bar but the pearls have just been released and it looks like they would take over an we have three different scents in the wash- natural, mint and lavender and the mint is the favourite for many females but my favourite is the lavender because I just love the scent.”

The young entrepreneur, who hails from the St. Peter’s community in Stapleton Village, said customer feedback has been really good.

“ My customers have been pushing me to bring out more products but  I have to do some more research to be accurate and make sure that they actually work because it’s not just about the money.”

In providing hygiene advice to her gender peers, Morton had this to say: “The most important thing is to stop using those high brand soaps because most of them have chemicals and those are what really throws off your pH balance so if you don’t have the natural stuff just use water instead of those high brand stuff.”

Furthermore, she recommends that hygiene care in young girls start at an early age.

“I would say at the age of 12 or when you start your menstruation because that is when your body start releasing most of the toxins so I would advise the parents to educate their children on these stuff and the parents need to be educated also.”

For more information, individuals can visit the business page via Instagram or send an email via [email protected].