BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 12th August 2019) – A summer photography camp put on by Eqnoxx Multimedia Productions got underway today as business owner 21-year-old Noel Nicholls zooms in on knowledge and skills sharing with other young like-minded individuals.

The opening ceremony for the five-day workshop (12th to 16th August) was held this morning at the office location at The Circus in Basseterre featuring participants ages 12 to 19.

Participants listen attentively during the opening ceremony (Spokesman Snap)

Today’s interactive session saw the topics of Introduction to Photography, Parts of The Camera as well as a hands-on challenge of assembling a camera.

Other subjects of the camp are expected to cover Taking of IDs-passport and Visa photos, Editing and Printing IDs, Parts of the Drone, Assembling of Drone, Flying of Done, Taking Outdoor Pictures and Printing of Outdoor Pictures among other areas.

Nicholls gave the focus behind his inspiration to put on a workshop of this nature during a chit-cat with this reporter in saying: “I find that children are very intrigued by photography but there are not much opportunity for them to basically get a step into the door so I decided that it’ll be a good opportunity to take a bit of time out of their summer at a younger age to give them basic introductory into the photography world.”

Additionally, two participants highlighted what they are looking forward to.

 Ayahna Herbert (17)

“Since I was thirteen I’ve always liked to be behind the camera taking pictures of people; I just love to see people smile and capture the moment so. At the age of 15, I told my mom this is something that I want to do but she kept saying that it can’t be a full time job because it is a bit tough; St.Kitts is a bit limited and there is a lot of competition. I recently got my first camera that somebody bought for me with lenses and everything so I’ve been taking photos as a hobby. I really like it (photography); it is something that I want to do in the future and to get into the video area as well but I really came to this camp to learn because I did my research on Eqnoxx and Noel seems to be a good photographer and I’m familiar with him having seen him around and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from this camp.”

Hiten Samtani (17)

“My mom found out about this camp online and she said she thinks it’s a good thing to go to and so I’m here. She doesn’t know that I have an interest in photography but think it’ll be a good opportunity for me to acquire some skills in photography.”

At the opening ceremony, the guest presenter on the course overview was the Director of the National Entrepreneurial Development Division (NEDD) in the Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce & Consumer Affairs, Philip Browne who talked about the exposure for business ownership grooming.

“Noel is giving back. Hence, the reason for doing this is that so that some of you young people can acquire some skills, learn the art and perhaps one day become an entrepreneur… There are two words [I want to share] associated with entrepreneurship. There’s creativity and there’s innovation.”

He highlighted some of the planned learning aspects of the workshop as it relates to the opportunity presented to camp attendees.

 “Drones- What was that while I was growing up? So what it means is that someone was creative in this world… and it means someone was innovative too. I am now learning that a drone is a [device] that flies around like a plane…and it takes pictures and videos…”

“You have the opportunity to get into something maybe a bit down the road but a foundation is being built now…You are going to be delving deep into this fancy field that can perhaps take you around the world..,” he admonished.

Browne also urged the youngsters to pay close attention to what is expected to a quite detailed, intensive and interactive workshop.

Well-known entrepreneur and media personality Unoma Allen who chaired the event, commended Nicholls for his vision to give back to others.

“I think this company is a shining example of how we should live life. We should give back; share our knowledge so that others can grow and leave a legacy. So what this course is about, it’s about sharing information. Noel and the staff here, they are leaving a legacy in every one of you.”

Sponsors and contributors of the photography camp include St.Kitts-Nevis Carib Brewery Ltd., Mountain Top Water, Mac Pennies, TDC and Koscab (St.Kitts) Ltd.