Woman In Monkey Attack Claimed Cops Laughed

An image of vervet monkey-the type found in St.Kitts-Nevis (obtained from tarvelbunny.com) with an inset photo (courtesy SKNVibes.com) showing a woman’s dressed wound after being attacked by a monkey recently.

By: Spokesman Newsroom
BASSETERRE, St.Kitts– A women who allegedly became the victim of a recent monkey attack, which saw her getting stitches to cut on a lower leg, is claiming that when she visited the Basseterre Police Station, the on-duty officers laughed at her.

Reportedly, the incident took place on Thursday 13th July sometime after 7:00 PM at a friend’s rented home at College Housing.

“Reach down the station, de police dem thinking it was funny, like ‘a monkey bite you?’ but they seeing the blood…I started feeling weak and dizzy and they like wanted to take a statement but I was like ‘I can’t give a statement in that condition.”

So said Shadwell resident Narissa Wilson during an interview with media house SKNVibes after recalling what led up to her becoming the monkey’s target.

According to that media house, when asked if she believed it was a wild primate, the woman replied no whilst indicating that it is owned by a popular businessman (whose name was provided) who was communicating with it.

Wilson reportedly visited the Joseph N. France General Hospital where she received five stitches and spent the night with a number of needles attached to her body.

The woman claimed she saw a monkey approaching the residence and that it began pounding on the fly screen of one of the living room windows that was opened.
“The monkey continued knocking the sifter. It was trying to get into the house but, even so, the house has on burglar bars. But for some reason I felt that it would have come in anyway so we decided to pepper spray the monkey. We didn’t have any pepper spray, so we used a Bop (spray)”, she told.

Notably, Bop is a brand of insecticide spray. As understood, while using that insecticide spray, the monkey became aggressive and began pounding heavier on the window.

Wilson claimed the neighbours down the road was calling the monkey by its name but that she could not understand what was being said.

As told by her, the monkey stood on its hind legs and looked in the direction of the neighbour who was calling it.

Furthermore, she disclosed that the monkey left with the neighbour but returned shortly after and that her friend asked her to take their baby outside after two individuals took control of the primate.

Wilson informed further that after placing the 2-year-old infant in the rear seat of her vehicle, she heard a voice crying out that “the monkey is coming, the monkey is coming” and it began his attack.

“The monkey came back to the door of the jeep after it chased the woman and she ran inside the house. After my daughter closed the door, I knocked on it because she was scared. When my daughter opened the door all I saw was the monkey leaping after me and I had no other choice but to toss the child.”

According to the SKNVibes report, Wilson said she had to fight with the primate to get it off of her at which point she had sustained injuries.

The woman noted that she did not realize that she was bitten but during the struggle she said that “I hit it in the head and it ran”.

“I thought that the monkey had gone so I got inside the jeep but the monkey started jumping up on the bonnet and pounding it. I started screaming and I thought it had left after hearing the noise, but he jump up on the roof and threw himself on the windscreen. I then started the vehicle and turned off with a lot of speed, and that was how we got away,” she said further.

The woman informed that she went to the Basseterre Police Station to lodge a complaint and was laughed at.

From the interview audio shared with this media house by SKNVibes, the woman’s expressed concern about possibly becoming sick from the monkey’s bite has been noted in this article as well.

“Reach down the station, de police dem thinking it was funny, like ‘a monkey bite you?’ but they seeing the blood…I started feeling weak and dizzy and they like wanted to take a statement but I was like ‘I can’t give a statement in that condition. I told them that I need somebody to drive me to the hospital because I don’t know what sickness the monkey could have had that penetrate my body.”

Wilson said she drove herself to the hospital and that upon arrival having informed nurse that a monkey bit her and that saw that the wound looked “severe” they started “plugging up all kind of drips and so on me.”