Earle Clarke

By: Spokesman Newsroom

BASSETERRE, St.Kitts (Monday 3rd June 2019)-Two well-known public officials going at it with members of the public concerning the government’s plans to build on the new Basseterre High School on a section of the Basseterre Aquifer caught on cellphone recorded footage has heated up controversy on the subject matter.

Information reaching this media house indicates that the incident took place on Wednesday 29th May followinga government town hall meeting at the Tucker Clarke Primary School in Newtown geared towards discussing and entertaining questions from the public on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Social media sharing debate on the subject matter has been place on the argument mainly happening with a wheelchair occupant.

This media house got in touch with that man in the wheel chair- East Basseterre resident Earle Clarke- who indicated that the particular female official was “not behaving like someone who holds high office in the Federation.”

He informed that following the town hall meeting “I wheeled myself out of the schoolyard waiting for my transportation.”

According to him, the woman’s husband came in his direction “ranting and raving.”

He pointed out that there were about five young St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party supporters dressed in white t-shirts who “came to my rescue” in the sense of sticking up for him on the subject matter. Those youngsters have been commended by Clarke.

“I was not in any fear [even though] he approached menacingly…” he claimed.

Additionally, he told that afterwards the woman came out of the venue and that he told her that she “sell out the children and she got annoyed with me.”

Clarke did, however, use the opportunity to clear up a rumor that the man had placed his foot on his wheelchair saying “in all fairness that is not true.”