By: Earle Clarke.

“We are a different sort of thief here, Lamora. Deception and misdirection are our tools. We do not believe in hard work when a false face and a good line of bullshit can do so much more:” Scott Lynch in the Lies of Locke Lamora.

Dear reader, when are we going to stand up as men and women of high standards and morals, brave enough to inform those in whose hands we foolishly and ignorantly placed the reins of Government, that they are performing a very dismal job of running the country, and that we, the share holders are totally fed up because they are not generating enough economic activity in order to pay dividends on our shares, so they are fired? When are going to retake our once proud and prosperous Ship of State, and replace it into the competent hands of those who catapulted it into the realms of high repute and respect? We have all sinned and we came woefully short when we totally ignored all the progress, all the strides that our Ship had made under the erstwhile captaincy of Dr. Denzil Llewellyn Douglas and his visionary team of sea worthy sailors, who were manning the Ship as it ploughed through the crisis of Devil’s Island and then the turbulent seas of the 2007 international economic financial crisis, which capsized larger vessels than ours. How could we have foolishly made such a treacherous mistake?

If I am your friend and confidant, trusted with your innermost secrets and I turned around and betrayed that trust, causing the relationship to break up and both of us wending our several ways. Do you think that any person should have any faith, any trust, and any confidence in me as a friend, for what I did to one, I would do to all? A Judas is a Judas; a leopard is a leopard and is identifiable by its spots, which it just cannot change; if those spots are not present teacher, then it is not a leopard, full stop! In the story of the agouti and the dog, the agouti betrayed the trust and the confidence of the dog and paid the penalty for its betrayal by having its tail bitten off short, making it a symbol of betrayal ever since. If Dr. Timothy Harris betrayed Dr. Denzil Douglas and the Labour Movement, could any other party or person expect him not to betray them? Can his every word engender the weight of trust? His modus operandi is TREACHERY, BETRAYAL, TURNCOAT! That’s the caliber of the man and all those who associate with him and all those who hailed him as a Moses are in the same category – TRAITORS! UNTRUSTWORTHY, TURNCOATS! This is a man who, it is alleged, turned on his cell phone at Cabinet meetings, so that another treacherous person like himself could listen to the proceedings of the meeting and write about it!

This is a man who was trailed by me to the house of a Judas just like himself with a large envelope and spent hours there while his driver drove the vehicle back to Basseterre. Now in the Budget Debate, they are proposing to pass Laws to prevent such happenings from occurring in their Government. But you see, Love so really no have so! You spit up in the air, it falls right back down in your face. Example set, exampled followed! When I sat and I heard a man who is drawing (2) two salaries for one work, two double salaries for one work, condemning the actions of civil servants who come to work and do not perform, when he himself is not giving (8) hours work performance five days per week to the people of Nevis who elected him to run their NIA, I had to shake my head in disbelief! A case of the pot calling the kettle black, when both of them sit on the same coal pot? Now, if the bottom of the pot is black and the kettle’s bottom is the same, with what moral authority can the pot point a justifiable accusing finger at the kettle?

Look at putrid (rotten) hypocrisy on display, eh dear reader? I am the Supreme Commander – “So don’t do as I do; do what I say you must or should do!” But, didn’t granny say, that the example that is set, is the example that will be followed?” If a small child is raised in a home where indecent language is spoken fluently, doesn’t that child start using them as if they are a part of the English Language? Isn’t the little child following the example set either by its parents or the inhabitants of the house? With what moral justification can this Minister point an accusing finger, when his performance in the NIA is dismally invisible? But you see, he is the boss, and we who gave him the job with our casted votes are impotently speechless and motionless to say or do anything about his work ethics. When a man is not a man in his home, he either displays his minute (pronounced mynute) amount of manhood on the job if he is in charge of the work force by pushing everyone around, making up for his child-like obedience at home; if he is not in charge, he gentle Jesus meek and mild carries out instructions without a murmur even though he is humiliated.

The behavior of our erstwhile Speaker of the House, by his demeanour, symbolizes the man who is gentle Jesus meek and mild at home, but can only display the little manhood that he possesses when he sits in the chair in the Parliament. As I keep pointing out, the Speaker is supposed to be a fair referee and should therefore be unbiased, but you see dear reader, when you do not stock Integrity in your store room, you cannot display it. If you steam fish and there is no lime to cut the rawishness, no pepper, no onions or garlic, no herbs or thyme, no tomato ketchup no butter and a little salt to season up the sauce, the sauce or fish water will taste bland. Just so it is with our lives. Integrity is the seasoning in our Lives which brings the respect from our fellow men and women. Our Speaker is trying to buy the respect of his colleagues who voted for him to be there, but even they will, one of these days, show him no respect for this ingredient cannot be bought. It must be earned.
Our Speaker had a perfect example of Mr. Brandt, who displayed his Integrity by not selling his manhood, his dignity. Mr. Brandt displayed his manhood which is like an impregnable fortress within him. You might not cherish his political affiliation, but you have to salute the man. The long and the short of the story is – Mr. Brandt was fortified with Integrity! Our present Speaker has been weighed in the balances and found to be woefully wanting! How will he be judged by history? Will he be absolved or would he be condemned? After his tenure in the House, will he be able to walk the streets with his head held high or would he be seen searching the garbage bins in Nevis, an empty vessel of a human being who has sold out the vital ingredients of his creation. There was this Chief of Police who was invited to all the Social functions. He thought that he had arrived and, when these social figures committed Traffic Offences he would not prosecute them. It was pointed out to him that it was not he who they were inviting, it was the office.

When he retired from the job, he would be walking the streets of Basseterre and his once upon a time social fiends would not even blow their horns in recognition of his presence. He complained to a friend about his treatment. Is this how the Speaker will be treated when he demits the House? There was this Commander of the Defence Force in the 1967 Attempted Coup who locked the Armoury during a State of Emergency. When the Defence Force came under attack, they could not defend themselves because the keys to the armoury was with the Commander at his home; how could he commit a treacherous act like that? When he retired, he could be seen walking into down town Basseterre picking up every little piece of trash he encountered in the streets. The Good Book says, “Be ye sure that your sins will find you out!” There is something that is called KARMA a Hindu and a Buddhist belief that your present and future lives will be rewarded according to your actions in the present life.

The Christian Mouthpiece says, “Whatever you sow Mr. Speaker, that is exactly what you shall also reap!” Will you be there forever Mr. Speaker? John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester quoted, “Since ‘tis Nature’s law to change, constancy alone is strange.” In my article of Saturday 9th, I made mention of the inaction of the Honourable Lindsay Fitzgerald Grant as our Minister of Tourism in defending the inalienable freedom of the inhabitants of the land to access the beaches in the Federation. Now, there is a building at Frigate Bay for years since Dr. Timothy Harris was in the Labour Government. The building occupies the western end of the beach and is not hindering access to the beach by the inhabitants. There was no hue and no outcry then, because it did not present a problem. Now, some Mar or Mari Williams on Face Book and some depressed PAM supporters, in order to bolster the image of the disreputable representative, are now drawing attention to that structure which has been there for umpteen years.

If that structure was a hindrance to the accessibility to the beach, why not demonstrate there and then or bring it to the attention of the Labour Administration, or take it to the airwaves, so that it is rectified pronto? As per usual, in their spate of hypocrisy and deception, they are now attempting to classify that situation with that of the Hyatt? This is another vain attempt at downgrading the image of Dr. Denzil Douglas and the Labour Party, a feat which is totally impossible to accomplish! Dear reader, the Budget Address was a disaster worse than hurricane Irma. All of a sudden, this is about the people! What happened to us before? What about the $500.00 per week that was promised? What happened to those who were earning less than $3000.00 per month? Have the bellies of the family filled to the brim and stretching to bursting, why the Minister of Finance now sees it fit to look after the ordinary man and women who have not as yet heard the big burp of satisfaction coming from the family!

Do you, dear reader realize that, when anything unsavoury happens to cause a further dent in the already beat up or severely dented image of the Unity mirage that they always come up with something in order to divert our attention from what is happening to them? Dr. Douglas sat in the House and he made his contribution, did you hear any of them make noise about foreign citizenship? They knew that the majority of inhabitants will listen to the rebuttal of the Budget Address by Dr. Douglas, so, what did they do? They came up with this nonsensical propaganda that they had cut off the electricity of Dr. Douglas and Dr. Asim Martin. They tried their utmost to drown out Dr. Douglas with their thumping and their interruptions, but truth must be told and truth must be heard. No drumming, no interruptions, no noises can drum out truth which will echo way above their puny intentions! I am urging my good friend Dwyer Astaphan to come forward to us the Electorate and inform us about whatever vital information he has on the Unity mirage or its members.

In saying that he wants to meet with the leader is tantamount to making a deal. This is the time for him to display, “COUNTRY ABOVE SELF!”